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I agree with the reviewer that Marley's bulemia needs to be addressed in a serious way, so that other girls watching will realize that this is a physically dangerous thing to do to your body, and that it can mess up your internal organs, screw up your teeth (the stomach acid errodes them and turns them gray)and give you gut problems that may lead to more serious problems like bowel cancer or IBS. I knew someone with bulemia when I was a magazine editor back in the 1980s, and she ended up with stomach cancer that metastisized to her intestines and she died young. I also think Kitty needs to be expelled or given a smack down at the very least for making Marley think she was getting fat...that kind of evil can kill another person. I loved the music and the musical number in Kurt and Rachel's apartment was my favorite! And hurrah for Kurt for forgiving Blaine...that was awesome! I loved that all the old characters were back!


@one: Quinn decided to grow up? What show did you watch?


The Quinn/Santana feud is a must have there are no better b's at McKinley. Kurt and Blaine just don't work without one another. Rachel and Finn should move on they sucked as a couple. The new Rachel is hot and seems like the only one who grew past McKinley. Santana will rescue the new girl like she did brit. Brit will get jealous and all hell will break loose when Santana find out about trout mouth. The new gay guys part is going to be interesting to watch unfold there's a lot that can be done with his character. True he is no Kurt but is strong in his own way. They need to stop making Finn look like a complete idiot. Mercedes character never truly got developed please don't let another American of color get lost on the shadows. Last rant. Lead chick country western. Let's start some stuff and dismantle the glee club and force the newbies to go solo that way each character gets developed then bring them back together as a stronger group. Each one could pair off with a mentor to spice things up a little more. Except Blaine he doesn't need one he should be one. Ooh to a straight guy.


The Quinn Abrams


See here I was HOPING Quinn would resurface, tell Kitty "Get over yourself; I was a bitch like you and nearly lost all my friends.", but alas no. Instead, Quinn gets all wet at the hero worship; it's like giving up a baby and being injured in a car accident had ZERO effect on her maturity. I think I'm done with this show--it's stuck in a loop.


What, no one mentions the best musical performance of the entire episode? The Rosedale Mennonites? Awesome! Quirky things like that are why I fell in love with this show. Like those 'Starlight Express' roller skaters at Nationals last season.... I want more. Seriously.


first off i would like to say i welcome quinn back on glee. the Unholy trinity was the highlight of the episode. i don't know why everyone is blaming quinn for marley's bulimia. She didn't have anything to do with it. Yes Santana brought it up but she was also a bitch about. first she dissed quinn by bring up her daugther and then she disses her for living her dream. second how is it that puck can date older women but quinn can't date a older guy. that's double standard b.s. in my opinion quinn has changed in to a person who left high school unlike most of her friend who graduated. i like the fact that she doesn't hang around Mckinley like a stalker and decided to grow up.


Miranda, I agreed with you that it's sad that we get Quinn S1 back.
It's like all those teen pregnancy and wheelchair stuff didn't seem to affect her at all.
I was hoping for a mature Quinn, who will put a stop on Kitty's crazy loop but instead she protects her.
And Santana caring on Marley is really sweet.
Why not make Santana team up with Crazy Kitty and Mature Quinn protects Marley? Plua does this mean we're not getting any info of Marley-Blaine duet? Since usually they performed duets first.


Now that's what I call Glee! I 'd been drifting in interest as the season wore on and it was all noob love quadrangle drama and eating disorders with the retread characters. Snoooze. But the grads came back and brought that spark that made Glee fun back with them! Loved Santana/Quinn hashing things out and giving us insight into their post-grad lives. Puck was great with Jake and Quinn. Mercedes and Mike were, well, there and it was good to see them. All this just makes me want more, more more!

Home/Homeward Bound was so good. I've missed those sorts of group numbers, and this is the first song I've bought since the Breakup episode. The original cast have such strong and distinct voices, that indefinable Glee sound that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. These new kids just don't have it. They're too soundalike studio singers. I hope this is the start of focusing more on the grads and where they're going in life. That's way more interesting than the same old same old high school love triangles again and again.

My one nitpick with the grads is that Kurt and Rachel need more people to talk to. Can we send a couple more of the kids over there with them? Brody's okay, but he's kind of the only other person they know except Rachel's teacher and Kurt's boss. Needs more peeps, and this show has plenty floating around to spare.

Still, best episode in quite some time, and it actually felt like Glee again. Achievement!


the whole marley pity me story is actually annoying me! i thought she was rachel 2.0 and then you throw this unnecessary spanner in the works (english sayings sorry) i think they need to address it for only one episode and make her recover for sectionals (2 episodes will do it no more PLEASE)

its uncomfortable to watch and frustrating that no one has noticed that she is starving herself! someone would have realised by now please they are not that airheaed.

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