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Could someone please tell me how Observers reproduce since there apparently are no females in fedoras.


@Olivia Dunham

i think that anna torv is back to her wooden acting from season 1&2.

But for me, she was always THE example for wooden acting.

I think that Joshua jackson leads the way on those romantic scenes between peter and olivia. Joshua is the one who shows emotions, but anna just stands there and lets joshua take the lead.

For me anna torv always had a limited range as an actress on fringe. When she plays olivia, she only shows one emotion: sad. And when she played fauxlivia: happy. Kinda boring!


Also, I can't say I appreciate all of the mindless shooting/killing that has been going on this season. Nor do I like the fact that the observers are being presented as such completely one-sided villains!


I agree with most of what you are saying, especially when it comes to Olivia. However, in general I think this was a really good episode and I haven't lost my hope for the rest of the season yet!


Peter has had an active storyline in season 2 and season 3 and season 4, I do not like how they made Olivia the victim (horrible end S4) and the girl.

Peter with 2 guns and being the sharpshooter and the bomb man and the only technician and the only one doing everything is ridiculous.

Olivia had her gun , FBI, and her ability when to save Peter, she was normal intelligent, that was it,

Josh Jackson is the example of wooden acting,

Anna Torv is the example of how to express with your face in multiple ways different set of emotions around one storyline. She really is doing all the work in this Olivia/Peter part.


Well I think that the writers are doing what they said they wanted to do which is to give the fans what they wanted last season by making Peter into an observer. Sure they still have a lot to explain about what is happening this season like why did the observers took over the planet after years of just watching and we still don't know how their abilities really work and I agree Peter should have shown some signs that he may have been even a little affected by the tech after putting it into the back of his neck or even shown some signs of discomfort by it.

The thing is pleasing the fans is one thing but at the same time they can't just make certain things happen in an episode and not expect us to question it. I don't mind the tape thing to be honest with u but I do have to wonder just how good the loyalist are at their jobs or how accurate the observers abilities are. Maybe the observers aren't as perfect as we all thought they were. Perhaps their abilities is really limited which is why they can't always tell what is going to happen. Even September has shown that he can't foresee every future at once. I am still holding out hope though, there is still 7 episodes left so we'll see.

I too hope that we get to see Olivia front & center again.


To Sam:

Olivia Dunham was the FBI agent in season 1 and 2, that was her role and gobetween for Walter and Peter.

All the writing went to Walter and Peter, Olivia was being called boring, I love the Olivia from the beginning,
but the real writing for her was Over There the first half of season 3, strangely enough after J.Jackson went to the emdia, Olivia was reduced to his girlfriend.

We had plenty of storylines for Walter and Peter about their past and relationships,
we never had Olivia dealing with her childhood or abuse,
that is IMO not writing for a character.

And most of the lines Olivia has gotten since endseason 3 were around Peter,


I think this season Josh is going to kill it big time. He’s a great actor, though he hasn’t been able to shine among the others because of his “normal” roll. He was awesome the other day.


pffffffffffff, OMG there are even fans who complain about the fact that peter didnt let olivia leave the pocket universe first, he left her behind.


What's next? oh yes, how about that scene were peter threw his back at olivia! What an asshole, right?!!LOL

How old are the majority of the anna torv fans, is what i ask my self all the time!

Maybe they are sexually, frustrated teenage girls/feminist. They just hate it when olivia gets it on with a man.


Joshua is doing a great job juggling Peter's three A's - agony, anger, and arrogance, and it's great to see him with something meaty to do. He's nailing it.

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