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This episode was another good one. I didn't think it was the airline owner but even if someone did, once again, it was how it could be proven that was very well written and acted. You can bet that in real life the police would have been looking for the drug-smuggling pilot for years because they never would have found the money hidden in plain sight.
I also thought the twist was the father actually bothering to show up for dinner right up until the sex question. Watson was begging to be tricked; does she think Sherlock is messed up because he had a happy childhood with loving parents? Let's face it, a father rich enough to hire a companion to supervise his son's new life wouldn't have hired a doctor who'd been suspended for malpractice if he was really concerned for his child's well-being. He just hired the first person available to get done with his duty-it's probably an obligation tied to some trust fund.


I was just waiting for Sherlock to say to Watson at the end: "You're fired". I can't wait to see that explosive scene between them next week.
On this episode however, I loved it. Though Watson went behind Sherlock's back to get information, she did it for the right reasons. Good on her.
As for the case this week, once again, another brilliant catch by Sherlock. I never actually thought it was Cooper, but rather the younger guy smuggling in the cocaine.
I have to agree that overall, the episode kept me interested, muchly by Watson's sneaky errand to find out more about Sherlock. A solid 5/5 for me!

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