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Well, I hated that Isaak had to die like that. Being killed by that boring club owner. I mean, seriously, the guy that killed him got even beat up by QUINN. In my opinion Isaak deserved a killer more in his league.

I really love Dex and Hannah together. I really wish they stay together for the long haul, though I know it probably won't go down that way. I guess Dexter is supposed to be alone...


@CarrieAnn: I very much disagree that it's logical to fall in love with someone raised as your brother from your earliest memory. Dexter was/is as taken aback as anyone by Deb's feelings; he was just trying to find any explanation he could in order to calm her down.


Again, Deb falling for her brother wasn't ludicrous by any means. As Dexter told Deb, "It's logical." That's all that needs to be said. Dexter should heed the warnings from Deb regarding Hannah. When Dexter opened himself up and became vulnerable the moment he mentioned he felt 'safe' with Hannah, the look on her face spoke volumes. Again, this just all falls into Dexter's way of keeping people around long past their expiration date. Lila, Trinity, Travis to name a few.


Ironically, LaGuerta USED TO be in love with him, back in Season 1.

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