Dexter Review: Coming Home

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It took multiple seasons for Dexter to truly humanize its unorthodox title character.

And only one bar conversation for it to do the same for Isaak Circo.

For the most part, "Argentina" was a relatively slow episode. Astor, Cody and Harrison stopped by; Jamie once again proved she's the greatest nanny of all-time; Batista bought his restaurant. There wasn't a lot of movement on the Hannah McKay front and Deb opened up about her feelings for her brother, easily the most ridiculous and misguided storyline in show history.

Dex and Hannah

But the hour was saved by the final 10 minutes.

I loved every second of Dexter's conversation with Isaak. It depicted that mob member's vulnerable side, while continuing the Dexter Season 7 theme of outsiders finding comfort in one another. As I've written about for weeks, Dexter is no longer fighting who he is; he's fighting for who he is, and he's now realizing that there are others like him out there.

Granted, one wants him dead.

But the other just wants him, for every side there is: blood spatter analyst, serial killer, father. There are no secrets between Dexter and Hannah, no pretending of any kind. Their relationship is believable and actually very sweet.

The concluding montage, meanwhile, was terrific, as we watched multiple characters stare down their personal demons and questions. Quinn is stuck as a dirty cop, La Guerta may be on to Dexter as the Bay Harbor Butcher (slowing setting up what I imagine will the final season storyline/showdown) and Deb feels more betrayed and alone than ever. This year has been more of a well done character study all around than any previous run of Dexter episodes.

And then there's Dexter himself, somehow the one individual at the moment who feels closer to found than lost. It's a new, welcome position for both him and the series in general.

Is it possible Dexter has truly found his Argentina in Hannah? That they'll live happily ever after together? No, of course not. But I'm intrigued to see how it will all fall apart and where Dexter - and Dexter - will go from there.


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Oops again! Deb bought the gas to incinerate the church in which Dex killed the villain from last season. That was her first favor for the Dark Passanger, I believe.


Seems like they're setting it up for Isaac to resolve the Hannah situation. I am completely with you in LOVING the bar scene with Isaac and Dexter.


C'mon people , Stevenson was a great Titus Pullo , Isaak is an empty suit in Dexter compared to his character in Rome !!!!
And i loved Isaak gets a head start from scene 1 for me .......but better than Arthur Mitchell - what are you smoking ?


SLOW......filler episode ......I expect this episode will come in 4/4, After I watch my Dvrs of Homeland and Walking Dead ......wayyyyy behind Boardwalk's episode last night !


I am not agreeing that Deb's feelings for Dexter is alright. They were raised as brother and sister; she is a respected police officer (up to this point,) and he is a killer and she is not doing her job. I argree with otheer viewers this part of the story line is ridiculous.


Oops, I remembered that the Minotaur's body was burned in a crematorium... I guess Deb bought the gas to incinerate the crime scene. Will Deb pull back from the Dark Passenger's influence?! Miami Metro has problems!


Although uncomfortable to watch, Deb's reaction to having admitted her LOVE for Dexter was excruciatingly, squirmingly realistic, whereas Dex's and Isaak's conversation struck me as unrealistically tension-free. I didn't believe that the two killers would be that relaxed with each other from their encounter's beginning..... there should have been a lot more tension and enmity which might gradually have relaxed, to give their encounter more nuance. Dex was reckless in not allowiing the assasin to kill Isaak.... given the potential danger to Harrison, and possibly Cody and Astor. Dsx was too greedy, wanting the kill to be his own! I wonder if Quinn will sacrifice himself for his stripper girlfriend in some way. I wonder if Deb's purchase of the gas to incinerate the Minotaur's remains was caught on a security video which LaGuerta will see! Great possibilities. Will Hannah outsmart Isaak?

Matt richenthal

@Jarrod Mitchell: I have deleted part of your comment because it revealed a few show spoilers. Please refrain from doing this again.


*They're my favourites. Maybe seven is the second best. Isaak is the best Dexter villain ever.


I completely agree that the Deb-Dex story is totally stupid. I think Deb's just weak and she fell for the stupid therapists words because she can be molded like that.
The connection between a brother and sister, especially a relationship like Dexter and Debra's, can be very very strong. To the point where one would kill for another. Jesus. Why is everything in the world trying to prove that "romantic" love is stronger than anything? It isn't always the case. Siblings, friends, sometimes that can be stronger. As for Hannah and Dexter, they're surprisingly very cute. And she gives good killing advice. Even though I felt it moved to fast when Dex was like "does she have a place in my family" whoa bro, you just slept with her twice, slow the hell down. But sigh, it won't last. I wish it did, but it probably won't. (please prove me wrong, writers.)
Isaak, Isaak is just great. I know a lot of people loved the fourth season, but I didn't. One, two and seven. They're my favourites. Maybe seven is the second best. Isaak is the best Dexter villain ever.

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