Dexter Review: Coming Home

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It took multiple seasons for Dexter to truly humanize its unorthodox title character.

And only one bar conversation for it to do the same for Isaak Circo.

For the most part, "Argentina" was a relatively slow episode. Astor, Cody and Harrison stopped by; Jamie once again proved she's the greatest nanny of all-time; Batista bought his restaurant. There wasn't a lot of movement on the Hannah McKay front and Deb opened up about her feelings for her brother, easily the most ridiculous and misguided storyline in show history.

Dex and Hannah

But the hour was saved by the final 10 minutes.

I loved every second of Dexter's conversation with Isaak. It depicted that mob member's vulnerable side, while continuing the Dexter Season 7 theme of outsiders finding comfort in one another. As I've written about for weeks, Dexter is no longer fighting who he is; he's fighting for who he is, and he's now realizing that there are others like him out there.

Granted, one wants him dead.

But the other just wants him, for every side there is: blood spatter analyst, serial killer, father. There are no secrets between Dexter and Hannah, no pretending of any kind. Their relationship is believable and actually very sweet.

The concluding montage, meanwhile, was terrific, as we watched multiple characters stare down their personal demons and questions. Quinn is stuck as a dirty cop, La Guerta may be on to Dexter as the Bay Harbor Butcher (slowing setting up what I imagine will the final season storyline/showdown) and Deb feels more betrayed and alone than ever. This year has been more of a well done character study all around than any previous run of Dexter episodes.

And then there's Dexter himself, somehow the one individual at the moment who feels closer to found than lost. It's a new, welcome position for both him and the series in general.

Is it possible Dexter has truly found his Argentina in Hannah? That they'll live happily ever after together? No, of course not. But I'm intrigued to see how it will all fall apart and where Dexter - and Dexter - will go from there.


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Strawberry fields

Ray Stevenson totally rocks my world right now. The guy is amazing! Between Dexter confronting Isaak and Deb confronting Dexter, I thought the episode was superb. Hannah seems sweet and I totally get the connection between her and Dex, but I have a hard time trusting her. Somehow I'm still waiting for new secret to be revealed. Plus, I don't really see how this would work on the long run. Does Dex really think Hannah could be part of his family? Play mom for Harrison and sit with Deb at the same table during Thanksgiving dinner? Awkward... It's so not like him to not think about the consequences, I don't like it.




@ DEREK 1314
I think she was wearing shorts not underwear and I don't know where have you seen the skirt?? Take a look again, they are regular girls shorts. I think this episode was ok, just a filler for the ones coming, but still a good one. Like the talk between Sirko and Dex and I actually liked the plot about Deb being in love with Dex for the first time, now it has some point and while watching this episode, before her confession, I thought about how only a girl that is crazy in love with someone lets herself to be so naive. Then it all came together.

Beverly brooks

Not impress with this episode tonight. Dexter is becoming tiresome.


the ending, the part with aster and deb smoking pot there's something weird about it, aster is wearing a short skirt, now sometimes a skirt can pull back a bit over time sitting in a chair but aster's skirt was around her waist and her underwear for some weird reason was very clearly on show, now this is something the director/producer's have done on purpose because that cant happen by mistake and if it had someone would have pointed it out during filming, does anyone have any idea what plot point this would have served, to make her look more like a rebel?


This was an excellent episode. The scene between Dex and Deb was heartbreaking. Deb's emotions and feelings have never been filtered since the start. Dropping an F bomb or saying exactly what she thinks. Dex is the complete opposite. For her to realize that while he may be a serial killer, she's the one that's screwed up more was huge. With Hannah, Dex has found someone who can't judge him. It fits his pattern of keeping certain bad guys around for a while. He's observing them while feeling some type of connection that validates who he is and what he does. The convo he had with Isaak was almost like watching a verbal chess match. Even Isaak has more emotions than Dex will allow himself to feel or believe. Great episode.


Although Ray Stevenson is a great actor--I too saw him in the Rome series as Pullo, I agree that the final bar scene was way too relaxed, and the Deb loves Dex scene was way over the top. That whole story line is truly ridiculous and repugnant. I think Dex is also not thinking at all clearly about the threat that Isaak poses to the children and that is really weird, because he sent Harrison to stay with the kids and the grandparents for that very danger from the Russian mobsters, as I recall. I don't see Isaak forgetting the murder of his lover and letting Dexter's family stay safe as a likely scenario, including Hannah too. Dexter seems to have totally abandoned his customary caution at this point about everyone, which doesn't make any sense--I don't care how much he cares about Hannah. Harry's code and caution was relentlessly drilled into Dexter, so he's now gone totally off the reservation. I don't really buy that. I say good riddance to Quinn and La Guerta, if they finally bite the dust! I never found either one remotely sympathetic.


I absolutely love hannah! I really want her to survive this season :). I had hoped however that the writers forgot the awfull I'm in love with my brother storyline.


I totally disagree this was an awesome episode! I personally think Hannah is waiting for her moment to return the favor and kill Dexter! True 'killer' Love I think not! After the preview for next week Dex might have to save her life first!
La Guerta is an interesting storyline! Her character was killed off in the very first book that the series is based on, so I have been waiting for her demise since her role was downgraded last season. I don't see it as a problem for Dexter in less she shares too much before he hacks her up!
Quinn is a loser! I hoped after Deb dumped him he would be gone, looks like they found a way for him to exit appropriately!
The scene with Isaak was very good. It left you feeling like they ended up resolving their want to kill each other. Then the preview for next week shows that's not the case..
I disliked the idea that Deb was in love with Dexter last season! I never thought she would tell him though after finding out all about him! The girl is as mixed up as her extreme poddy mouth... And the ending when she grabs the weed from Astor and starts puffing out like there's no tomorrow tells me she won't be the last one standing......


I love Dex and Hannah together. Hannah is the only serial killer in this show apart from Dexter that is very likeable and very human in many ways - like Dexter and unlike all of his killings so far. You kind of root for her. Like we all root for Dexter. So I think they are perfect together and I really hope they will last. And that she'll stop killing innocent people :D
But I too have the feeling she will end up killing or being killed by Isaac.

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