CSI Review: Man's Best Friend

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Happy Halloween everyone! This week we were treated to a glimpse of the holiday in Vegas, as "Play Dead" opened with costumed strangers stumbling upon a crime scene. 

And that was the end of it.

Perfect! Just the right amount to remind me what I stayed indoors and off the streets to avoid, but not enough to taint the story or make the entire case feel like it’s revolving around Halloween. CSI, there are several other programs that could benefit the wisdom you've learned in 13 seasons.

Sam and Nick absolutely stole the show tonight. I figured it was too obvious that Sam killed his partner. Besides, it’s never the first suspect, right? So I wasn’t surprised when Nick cleared his name. But the two of them totally had me in tears as they sat on the floor in the cadaver room where Nick found Sam waiting for his partner. 

Nick Invetigates a Police Dog

Before anyone comments and burst my bubble, I know they used animal handlers to get the “ideal” response out of Sam. Honestly, I don’t care; it doesn't make it any less cute or heartwarming and it really makes me want to get get a puppy! 

Did anyone else think Sam was done for when he got shot? I thought it was just a clever way to write an ending to the story, a “dog dies helping get partner’s killer” type of story, that is. Imagine my surprise when Seargent Veranski said Sam survived and would make a full recovery. 

Even more shocking was the twist that Sam will be going home with Nick. Will CSI Stokes be having a new recurring partner? Will Sam be making any cameo appearances? If you think about it, having a canine CSI isn’t that crazy and it could add some additional depth to the show that would be totally new.

One final thought on Sam (more specifically Seargent Veranski): David S. Lee, who played Veranski, possesses really striking features, no? I knew I had seen him before, but it took me the entire hour to figure out was  most recently on The Nine Lives of Chloe King

Sam, Nick and Veranski aside, I was a bit disappointed with how little we touched on Morgan and Hodges kiss. Just when I thought they were going to get into details or move it forward, it stalled out and fell out of the story. I couldn't tell if Morgan had feelings for Hodges or just felt embarrassed she kissed him. Maybe a little of both? 

What did you think of this week's furry friendly episode? Did you like Sam? Should they have focused on Morgan and Hodges more? Don't go barking up the wrong tree, comment below!


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I personally like the idea of Hodges and Morgan getting together, but I suspect the producers are trying to back off of that so that Morgan can be tied to others, both CSI and maybe suspects from show to show. No reason for me to think that, just how the backing off in this episode struck me??? They are using Shue better -- not so central in every episode, but a specialist (blood) working on assigned cases like all of the others, getting her moments, I'm sure, no more than the others.


I wanted to smack my head into the wall several times when Nick had to be told that the K-9 Sam didn't speak English. In my experience, pretty much everyone associated with law enforcement knows that. (I know a couple of police dogs; they respond to commands in Dutch and Czech, I believe.) The biggest reason for this, beyond the K-9s being bred and trained in foreign countries, is that police do not want their dogs being called off, or at least confused, by criminals. See "Person of Interest" for this situation, done much better!


What I wanna know is who was Nick talking to on the phone at the end.


Glad they didn't kill the dog - that's always an easy, teary cop-out (forgive the pun).

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Morgan: Maybe Mr. Sloan was sleeping with someone's wife. A girlfriend?
Fin: Yeah, his job didn't get him killed, his penis did.

Nick: Looks like Methamphetamines Jim.
Brass: So, got a cop out of uniform in a skanky part of town with a bag of ice. Something stinks here and I don't think it's the dog.