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To Terrie:

Blake was there at the softball game with the group.

To Dadesh:

I'm inclined to think the same way you think regarding the identity of the photographer.


I'm glad we finally got back to the photographer.......
As soon as I saw that I realized Blake wasn't with the group at the game... and if she was I definitely didn't see her. Could the photographer be her?????

To me, this week, like last week, was not one of the more gripping episodes........

It doesn't surprise me how quickly the team, in some cases anyway, is able to figure out who the unsub is......This is the FBI we're talking about and they have MANY VAST resources at their disposal........


Morgan was simply beaming when Reid pulled off the "close your eyes" routine with the nervous witness. Great stuff.


Enjoyed the fact that they tied in the season opener. First time that has happened and the pictures at the end has me trying to connect some dots. Maybe the photographer was the copycat?


I love the relationship between Reid & Morgan, it's a brother-type bond where they each bring out the good things about the other. watching Morgan encourage Reid was really cool, the power of a good team :)

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