Covert Affairs Finale Review: Annie Gets the Guy

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Covert Affairs Season 3 presented a new, mature, Agent Annie Walker. She got a gun last season and this year? She got her super spy mojo!

Even though the season ended on what should have been a happy moment with Annie and Auggie kissing, it had a somewhat somber mood. After everything Annie has been through this year, it was a relief that Auggie - her best friend - would want her in that way. 

Covert Affairs Season Finale Scene

She was the one who wanted him not that long ago, but a lot has happened since then as well. Annie had to deal quite a slew of events: Jai was blown to pieces in front of her, her sister moved away, she fell in love with Simon, he was killed, she killed Lena, she went to a Russian prison, Eyal rescued her (with Auggie's help), Eyal betrayed her, she lost an asset, and she was presented with Wilcox's mysterious folder. And I'm sure I've missed a few pivotal moments, but it had to be a comfort to find herself in Auggie's arms.

Since the beginning, I have been against a relationship between Annie and Auggie, but those darn Covert Affairs writers pulled one on me. I loved this. It was authentic and natural how it all came about. I never thought I'd be rooting for Annie and Auggie to make a romance work. She needs someone she can count on. And, despite his previous womanizing days, Auggie is ready for a solid, committed relationship and she is as well.

Enough with the romance, let's talk about the spy stuff! In "Lady Stardust," Annie upped her game and her "excellent spy craft" as Henry Wilcox put it. She was top notch when dealing with Khalid. Even if Auggie hadn't shown up, I don't think Annie would have handled over the names to Khalid. She would have come up with alternative.

Annie successfully got the information from the consulate and would have found a way to get Eyal back. In the end, the fake shooting and escape, while risky, was a brilliant plan. She quickly outdid herself with Khalid.

Her manipulation to turn Khalid against his father was one of the best moves she has ever made. As she told Wilcox, it kept the agency's hands clean and disrupted Khalid's family. Superb job! I'm proud of Annie like she's my own child that I've watched grow up to become a success.

Was Khalid really a bad guy? That's unclear. He went after Annie because he thought she killed Megan. Did Wilcox make it all up in order to fix his mistake from six years ago? I wouldn't mind seeing Khalid again, perhaps as one of Annie's assets.

The stage has been set for Covert Affairs Season 4. Will Annie work with Wilcox against Arthur and Joan? That folder must have held some very damning evidence for her to team up with Wilcox so quickly. I hope she's not getting herself into another situation of being misled and used. She has the smarts, it's whether she will use them or not. 

Wilcox won't hesitate to take her out any more than Lena did. They both saw the talent in Annie, but also her trusting heart. I dislike Wilcox so much, that it's difficult to understand why she would work with him. As a viewer, if I'm going to buy into this coming storyline, the contents of that folder need to be revealed quickly. 

The men in Annie's life were a highlight of the season. As much as I hated Annie getting into the shower with Simon, I grew to care about him just as Annie did. And, Eyal. It was a pleasure having him around so much even if he betrayed Annie. I hope he gets tired of his fishing boat and comes around next season. And, Auggie ... I'm finally in love with the idea of Annie and him hooking up!

Are you ecstatic about Annie and Auggie? Sad to see Eyal leave? Any thoughts on what was in the folder? What will you ponder about over the next seven or so months until the Season 4 premiere?


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I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling the Annie/Auggie romance. I get more of a bromance vibe from them. He's her wingman, and they're both on the rebound. WTF with Parker showing up? Auggie still has feelings for her. I never got the whole Parker character, she didn't develop. Apparently a lot of people ship Annie/Auggie, so I guess it was fanservice, but it doesn't ring true to me. Eyal is more her type- Mad, bad, and dangerous to know (Like Simon). Also, the two of them have more chemistry--remember the time she cuffed him to a bed and left him? I also hate the stereotype they play--when a guy sleeps with a girl to use her or turn her--ok, when Annie sleeps with a guy to get something, she "has trouble separating her personal life from work"? I'd love for once for her to sleep with an asset, turn him or get what she needs and make a clean break without getting all feelings-y over it, and without getting accused of something none of the guys catch flack for.


Oh no not Annie & Auggie in a sexual relationship, the possibility is revolting, like a sibling pairing. Eyal please, they are fabulous together, Piper & Oded are by far the most talented actors in Covert Affairs. Eyal needs to be a main character, he is so exciting to watch and really connects with the viewer. Let's hope Eyal is in most of season 4 eposides.


I'd like to see Joan & Arthur be bad (or seem so at least) for awhile. Let's get them out of the office & see what their characters were like before they got bogged down in all the paperwork and bureaucracy. I want to see the spies they were! Otherwise, they are a bit boring to me. I'd also like to see why they are married---maybe it's cause they are usually in work clothes passing papers back & forth but as of now I don't get their relationship at all. It's awkward and cold and unbelievable. Arthur has more on screen chemistry with his ex-wife that pops up every now and then! I did like the scene when Joan finally told Arthur about her addiction. There was some emotional intimacy there. But then it was back to pushing papers.


Covert Affairs really upped its game this season! So much happened it was like two seasons in one. As a viewer this show went from a guilty mindless pleasure to a solid not to miss show for me. Piper Perabo, the writers, and the whole cast did great work this season. On the spy love front: I was completely drawn in and rooting for Annie/Simon & sad when Simon died, and then all over again drawn in to Annie/Eyal (swoon). The guy who plays Eyal is magnetic and good actor. I hope they bring him back in future seasons. He and Annie work so well together and their relationship has grown nicely over the past seasons. Annie, Eyal, one last big mission together and then sipping champagne together on the Flying Levine would make a lovely endgame. I love Auggie but I'm not so into him & Annie in love. Like others have written their chemistry is more friends to me. Side note--I really think Auggie and Eyal's scenes are fun to watch! They both are so cunning & witty characters in their own ways & seem to respect each other...but I also feel like they don't know whether to hug or throw the other one off a bridge since they both like Annie! As far as Henry Wilcox, this should be interesting. I like the idea of Joan & Arthur being bad (or at least seeming dodgy for awhile). Their characters get boring to me always wandering around the CIA office looking ticked off. Let's get them out in the field being sneaky & give their characters more spark! When they looked at each other deviously when talking on the phone to Annie when giving her the info on Khalid they were finally interesting to me! I want to see the spies they were before they got tied up in all the paperwork!


@Sandy "Eyal had so much sex appeal. Auggie has no sex appeal..." And that is just your opinion. I find both Eyal and Auggie sexy, in their own ways. The way that Auggie knows her and the connection they have is amazing. In some ways I think her connection to Eyal is more of big brother thing or a mentor thing.


Who is the designer of the red purse, Annie carried it to see Henry


I think Annie and Auggie shouldn't get together til maybe the end of the last season. I feel like her an Eyal should keep having this progressing relationship and that she keeps having relationships with these sexy men. I keep getting attached to them. I keep wishing Simon (and Jai for that matter) aren't really dead.


YAY for Annie and Auggie! She needs to be with someone who always has her back and that she trusts completely. End game needs to be Auggie.


This was the best season finale since I started watching this series I love the wonderful beautiful scene between Annie and Auggie with that Kiss. It definitely blew me away. The music that was playing for them. Perfect. I was finally happy that they finally expressed how they felt about each other. Definitely there is love between the two. It was very sweet and romantic. I loved how Auggie expresses using his hand showing how much he feels about her. That was my favorite part of the whole episode. I watched the episode 3 times already. This was the best season this yet and I can’t wait how the whole Henry Wilcox that file he gave her what info is inside and if she will tell Auggie at all about it. How the situation with Henry Wilcox affect her relationship with Auggie and the campbells? That will be very interesting. For this season it was about time that Auggie and Annie kissed that lovely scene was the best way to end the season for me.


Eyal had so much sex appeal. Auggie has no sex appeal and seriously if he tells one more blind joke I am going to scream. My theory on the next season is that there is something in that folder where Annie has to use Auggie to get to the end game. Hopefully we will still see her sailing off into the sunset with Eyal.

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