Castle Round Table: "Probable Cause"

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Rick Castle as a murder suspect? The return of 3XK?

It's safe to say "Probable Cause" gave our TV Fanatic Round Table team of staff writers Carla Day, Chandel Charles, Jim Garner and - along with Castle fan Denise from The 12th Fan Forum - PLENTY to discuss.

So let's get right to it, shall we? Pull up a virtual chair and jump in now!


What was your favorite scene?
Carla: When Beckett walked into the library and Castle was waiting there for her. Also, liked the bridge scene when Castle said it wasn't over.

Chandel: I think it had to be the scene where Castle dropped that hint to Kate about the library. I loved that she retrospectively caught that Castle was trying to lead her to him once he had gone underground.

Jim: I adored the scene where Rick explained Tyson was behind the mess and Kate said she believed him and that she had always believed him. I know she had doubts at one point but down deep she never stopped believing.

Denise: A tie between the scene at the precinct after Tyson’s visit when Kate tells Castle she never stopped believing in him, and when she meets him at the library. I loved that she reassured him of her faith in him, and I thought it was a really tender, sweet moment at the library. I adored Castle’s smile when he saw her coming toward him.

Castle RT - depreciated -

Did you ever think Kate would doubt Castle?
Carla: I think she did have her doubts, but that she didn't believe them. She's a police officer and with that much evidence against Castle, she had to consider that he did it. All the time though, she was looking for an alternative explanation.

Chandel: I think she's always going to want to believe Castle, and I also think after all this time she knows trusting him is always a safe bet.

Jim: Tyson did a good job planting the evidence to make her start to have doubts, but you could tell even as she spoke to Lanie that she still believed in him. It would have taken a lot more than deleted emails for her to truly doubt him.

Denise: No. Like she told Lanie, she knows him. She would never believe that he could do something like this, no matter what the evidence showed. She was trying to figure out what the real story was from the moment the first piece of evidence against him appeared.

We're you surprised that Lanie questioned Castle's innocence?
Carla: No, the evidence was there. She was doing her job.

Chandel: It was a little bit surprising, but given the evidence that so quickly mounted against Castle, it's hard to fault her for it.

Jim: Lanie has always been a woman of science. I wasn't surprised she was playing devil's advocate for Kate and coming from the angle that Rick was guilty. I'm not sure she personally believed it, but it's her job to presume the worst.

Denise: I didn’t really feel that Lanie was questioning Castle’s innocence as much as she was playing devil’s advocate for Kate. I think she was trying to make Kate really look at things and be certain of her conviction that he was being set up. Ultimately, I think that Kate’s belief in Castle’s innocence would be enough for Lanie to believe it as well.

Did you figure out it was 3XK before the big reveal?
Carla: To be honest, I'm not sure. I don't think I realized it was him in particular.

Chandel: I had an inkling for about 30 seconds during one of the commercial breaks where 3XK popped into my mind for reasons unknown to my subconscious. So, yes, I was surprised to see that I was right.

Jim: I had no idea. In fact, I had forgotten who 3XK was until he talked about leaving Castle alive in a hotel room. Thankfully that was a great memory jog!

Denise: There was a lot of speculation that 3XK was behind this in the weeks before the episode aired. I was somewhat skeptical that it involved him, as I thought that if 3XK was involved, then somehow Castle spoilers or something would have gotten out. When I saw Michael Mosley’s name in the opening credits, I knew then that it was him. Kudos to the cast and crew for keeping the lid on this one.

Is Castle right? Is Tyson still out there and will he be back?
Carla: Definitely. He is a smart man, I believe he could have and probably did plan for the outcome.

Chandel: I think Tyson is still out there. I think all good character arcs take place in sets of three. If true, he has at least one more episode. If not, props to Marlowe and company for presenting a psychological cliffhanger.

Jim: I think he is still out there. If he turns back up, it's specifically to torment Rick and Kate. Rick shot him in the chest where the vest was. Most TV/movie villains can survive a fall into water unless a body is found.

Denise: Yes, I do think Castle is right. Tyson is still out there, and at some point he will be back.

Which have been your favorite and least favorite episodes this season?
Jim: I have no "least." I have a tie for first: "Secret's Safe With Me" for Rick's heart to heart with Alexis; and "Murder He Wrote" for the nod to the original crime writer turned detective show Murder She Wrote.

Chandel: I think my least favorite was "Cloudy with a Chance of Murder." Something about that episode just didn't sit well with me. I'm going to have to put this episode at the top. It had all the elements of a great dramatic episode, which I think contributes to variety in the series as a whole.

Carla: I loved the premiere. It got Beckett and Castle together, but more importantly Beckett got to face off with the person responsible for her mother's death.

Denise: "Probable Cause" is definitely my favorite at this point. I can’t say that I have a least favorite; I have thoroughly enjoyed every episode so far. I am loving this season and the way their relationship is being portrayed.


Could not pick a least favorite episode because I think every episode is just brilliant. Every one so far has had some Top 10 moments for me. Seeing Beckett transform into a completely different girl because she is in love is phenomenal. I would put Probable Cause as my favorite because it was nice to see Kate be there for Rick as he has always been there for her. Castle looked adorable in that baseball cap! Wish he would dress down more.

Sue ann

Two --- I also do not agree that Espo, Ryan, and Lanie did not believe in his guilt. I think that they did. And I think that Kate lied when she said that she did not doubt him. She did. Still, it was a pretty good episode. Not as good as I thought at first viewing, though. And Kate does have a bullet scar from her shooting. It is right in between her breasts.

Sue ann

I just watched this again, twice, and I noticed that the final scene setup was ridiculous. There is no way that 3XK could anticipate that Castle and Beckett would get to that bridge just as it was being raised for a boat, that they would be first in line at the bridge, and that he would manage to be right behind them. Also, while bullet-proof regular clothing has been created, it is stupid to assume that Beckett and Castle would not shoot him in the head. I would. (I realize that it is against Standards and Practices rules to actively shoot someone in the face on TV. It is only allowed if you come upon the dead body later. But, still ...) This no doubt made it very dramatic, but it is still outside the normal bounds of suspension of disbelief for this show. I LOVE this show, but this scenario is ridiculous. I also do not agree that Espo, Ryan, and Lanie did not believe in his guilt. I think that they did. And I think that Kate lied when she said that she did not doubt him. She did. Still, it was a pretty good episode. Not as good as I thought at first viewing, though. And Kate does have a bullet scar from her shooting. It is right in between her breasts.


My favorite episode, which for me would be on a short list of best ever episodes, is the Hamptons one, "Murder, He Wrote." This was my least favorite episode. Generally I don't like any show's episodes where the characters are suspects, although this one at least tried to not have everyone doubt everything they ever knew about Castle. Still, the DA was particularly frothing at the mouth, when I have a feeling cops and DA's actually try to work together mostly. It also makes me wonder if there's ever been a rich, internationally respected/successful, happy father happy son (daughter and mother both happy and pleased he's their father/son too) with a hot girlfriend who adores him who's ever barb-wired (or some equivalent) a coed to the ceiling?


Favourite scene - Can´t stick with one, so... the handing hold between bars, the moment Kate had to cuff him in the cell and the library scene.
Lanie - Honestly, I didn´t like that she questioned Kate if she was sure, but don´t think she believed Castle was guilty.
3XK - He crossed my mind, but I didn´t figure the way he would make it; and I´m sure he´s still alive!
Favourite episode - After the storm and Probable cause, for diferent reasons, it´s hard for me to pick one. I wouldn´t say I have a least favourite, because this season has been so amazing, but if I had to pick one it would be cloudy with a chance for murder...


5. Best: 3rd Worst: 5th


My favorite scene- Rick and Kate holding hands thru the jail cell. I don't think Laine ever doubted Rick. She was going my the facts that she had seen. Least Favorite Episode-Cloudy with a chance of Murder. Just didn't fit Rick and Kate. And Rick wouldn't have even let the girl in his loft to start with. Rick knows Kate's insecure. Favorite Episode-Has to be Proable Cause. Now that's the Rick and Kate...we love. Their humor, banter and the love they have. And the team stood together....even Gates. My all time favorite episode will be when Kate says I love you to Rick!


I'll need to review past episodes. I don't remember 3XK. I must admit, even though I knew Catle couldn't have done it (the series would end), I was anxious to see what happened. I missed how 3XK got into Castle's apartment. I loved tje library scene. They are so cute together in the romantic scenes.


"PROBABLE CAUSE" WOWs (WAVES OF WEIRDNESS ) - viewers "mirrored" a state of mind normally not associated with CASTLE - unpleasant anticipation. Maybe previews not handled well? Created an "I don't want to watch.."vs "Can't wait 'til Monday." Amazing group of followers - international, all age groups - crazy smart & talented bunch. Part of CASTLE's charm lies in trusting it's creators to lead us into a WORLD OF FICTION with an underlying promise of MAGIC. We need to believe BECKETT runs in STILETTOS, not a hair out of place, her wounds healing without leaving a scar. We need SERENITY from our ruggedly handsome writer RICHARD CASTLE, always willing to believe in the possibility of magic & double rainbows. We have fallen under a spell called CASTLE - a gift from the universe to buffer our reality. CASTLE & BECKETT will make it - the cast & crew have the talent - the viewers have THE AUDACITY OF HOPE - WIN/WIN situation - SERIOUSLY...ALWAYS :)


Favorite scene: Hands down, the library scene. My wife and I watch the show, and this was eerily reminiscent of a "reunion" we had during our dating days!
Beckett doubts: The detective part of her HAD to acknowledge the evidence. The girlfriend part of her believed in him 100%.
Lanie questioning: Like others have said, she's being a good friend by serving as devil's advocate. Don't blame Lanie at all; her friend was hurting.
Knew it was 3XK: Had it narrowed down to 3XK or the senator.
Tyson survived: If this was real life, that many bullets + the fall would kill or critically injure. But, this is TV, so...HELL YES he's alive!
Best/least ep: "After the Storm." I don't think there's been a least favorite for me; yet, if anyone truly has a 'least' on their lis, then...WHY ARE YOU HERE? ;o)

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