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Castle Review: Behind the Murder

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"Swan Song” was an episode centered around the murder of a guitar player in a rock band.

A band that had been the center of a documentary, that is, placing Beckett and company in front of the cameras. Did this formula work? That’s debatable. So let's do so, TV Fanatics...

Hold Espo Back!

The weekly case featured the twists and turns that we are used to as Castle fans, but the documentary style approach made things quite a bit different. It was fun and made for some hilarious moments from the characters, but it didn’t make the hour one of the series' best.

Esposito really took center stage, showing off his personality in a great way. This by far was a highlight. His singing, his muscles and his making sure his best angle was in view were awesome.

Seriously, have you been to the man's gun show?

Even Gates was a lot softer... for a while. And Stana Katic was perfect in her awkwardness.And Lanie was adorable in her few moments of screen time. And Castle? Well, he was typical Castle.

It’s always interesting to see a series take a different approach, even if for just one week. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. We all remember the Grey’s Anatomy singing episode, right? This seemed to work for Castle... as long as it is a one time thing. This is definitely not something I would want to see a handful of times. Am I alone in thinking that?

Swan Song Scene

What makes this show great is the clever writing, the light heartedness and the fun. All of these traits were visible in “Swan Song,” but were hidden under the layer of the documentary style approach.

After Thoughts

  • Have Ryan’s eyes always been that blue? Seriously, those things are piercing.
  • Espo should wear his shirts that tight ALL of the time.
  • The quick embrace between Castle and Beckett was so sweet.
  • Looks like we got through another week without Gates finding out about Caskett.

Overall, a fun episode but not my favorite. What did you think? Did you enjoy the different approach the series took in this installment? Sound off below to let us know what you thought of “Swan Song" and check back later this week for the Castle Round Table as take a look at the Castle quotes for some funny one liners from Espo and the gang. 

Until next week, Castle fans. 


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    Did anyone else catch a look from Gates to Esposo at the end when she heard him singing? Hmmm. Could be something there maybe?


    I thought this was an amusing filler episode. It made me laugh several times, had a little flirting, a little heart. I liked that Espo wanted Ryan to get the credit for the big break in the case and vice versa. Their little bromance is back in full force. My favorite part was that it didn't succumb to what I call the "Murder She Wrote Syndrome", where the biggest name of the guest stars did it. Here, I assumed C. Thomas Howell was the villain, and he wasn't! Good fake out, team Castle.


    I loved that episode ! Period, nothing else to say ! It's Castle ! I Love Castle !


    I agree that this was far from the best episode. The camera angles were annoying and it quickly got tiresome watching people who are otherwise professional (Castle's quips aside) acting like fools before the camera. I have no problem with the writers experimenting but I think they can write off this approach and not bother to repeat it. At any rate, I don't think there's much chance we'll see this again as it would need to be very contrived to find some way to repeat that approach.


    It was not my favourite episode, but it wasn´t a bad one... The case was good, there were bea~utiful moments, funny ones... I´m sure this style was one of a kind, they were driven to it due to the case, the next episodes will be returning to Castle´s formula. Actually, I enjoyed that they tried something different...


    Love Castle and the terrific cast but Mon Nov 12th show with camera was annoying and distracting!


    I agree, the series continues to grow. It wasn't my favorite episode, but because of knowing the charactors, it let them experiment, "what would happen if a documentary crew showed up at work." I liked the way that Castle admires Beckett, and he wanted to show how sharp she was, and let her be the one to come forward with details, so as not to show her up on camera.
    He really does love and respect her. I got a kick out of how normal Ryan played it,in front of the camera.

    I would love to see another episode where a novel is read by one of the actors, and they play parts of a book that Castle wrote.


    And the Caskett moments - A.Marlowe and co. are doing a fantastic job handling this situation. No need for lots of kissing. The subtle hand holding and touching and kind words are just beautiful. It shows just how much Castle adores Beckett and how much she loves him too - even though she hasn't said it yet. Very much how a new couple would be.

    And as for losing fans (because of an 'episode' like this) - that is absolute rubbish. The storylines and characters have evolved so much since this show began - but it has still maintained the light-hearted comedic side. That is so rare to find in a primetime hour long show. This show is the best on tv right now because it has a bit of everything in it.

    If you ask me, the fan base is going to continue to grow - no matter what type of episode they try!!! I just love the show.


    Yet again I am amused at these comments. Castle is a fantastic show and I loved this episode like ALL the others before it. Why some people are concerned that A.Marlowe would do another episode like this is beyond me. The premise of this show was a documentary about the rock band, not the precinct - they just happened to be in it because of the murder of the lead singer. So naturally, the actors were expected to look at the cameras and yes, sometimes some people do over-act when they are not used to being on screen. It was very realistic - just like when someone is making a home movie using a camcorder - some people are shy, some love to make jokes and pretend that they are movie stars!

    And remember people, these characters are not real - it's a tv show. No need to get so worked up about why certain characters do certain things - it's what is in the script and the ALL the actors are playing their parts to perfection. They are all extremely talented.

    And the Caskett moments - A.Marlowe and company are handling this situation beautifully without going overboard. All the subtle hand touching or kind words by either party are lovely. No need to have lots of kissing all the time. How it is being handled seems so realistic and natural - like 2 people very much in love.

    And as far as losing fans (because of an 'episode' like this) - that is absolute rubbish. If you are truly a fan and have been watching this show from the beginning, you will appreciate how great this show is. The character storylines are fantastic and the way the show is evolving is so believable.

    Kudos to all involved for making this a wonderful show.


    DON: DITTO. Your comments cover most of my ideas, will try not to be repetitive in mine.
    LOVE BREADCRUMBS ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Castle being supportive & praising the woman he loves - KATE
    THE 'AS USUAL'/FORCIBLY INTERRUPTED SCENE BETWEEN THEM - FRUSTRATING - kissing the palm of Castle's hand is OK writers - viewer will not loose interest & you might prevent us from getting an ulcer :(
    We have been given a gift called CASTLE - it comes our way ONCE IN A BLUE MOON - it is the gift that keeps on giving. CAST & CREW are crazy smart, talented...MAGICAL. Nathan & Stana's need for words.
    Give them lemons & you will get the best lemonade - the best - wonderful dynamics - ALWAYS :)

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