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lol Borewood.


ohh please how the hell is forwood? WE WANT KLAROLINE!
Klaus definitely is not toying her! He loves her with his entire heart


apparantely caroline's role is going to just "be there"for everyone,she is going to be there for Tyler,she is going to be there for Stefan,she is going to be there for Elena.Is anything going to happen in her life or is she just going to "be there"for everyone.also while she is being there for everyone,who is going to be there for her?


Im sick of forwood. Klaroline FTW.


Oh come on guys be reasonable. Forwood are a good couple and aren't going anywhere for now. Yes Klaroline have a fun chemistry and a electric on screen, but he just isn't ready to truly love- He isn't WORTHY (yet). Let Forwood have their time. Klaroline will happen, eventually. 100 yrs from now (or a season or 2 from now). Hold on


Ohhhhh come on! Forwood, 110%, together forever, Klaus toying her??? Please please in any god you believe in.... GIVE US KLAROLINE -no a scene isn't enough now- I want it to be together for real!!!!!


I'll say that Forwood will be no more, and Klaroline will be together forever. Go Klaroline!!!!'

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