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Camille Guaty has nabbed a recurring role on The Vampire Diaries Season 4.

The actress, who starred on Prison Break as Maricruz Delgado and has also appeared in such films as Blink and Ghosts of Girlfriends Past - will come on board The CW hit as Caitlin, a character will some kind of connection to David Alpay's Professor Shane.

A shady connection? Considering what we know about Bonnie's mentor at the moment, that's a fairly strong guess to make.

Camille Guaty on PB

Guaty will debut on Episode 13, which is scheduled to air in February.

In other recent Vampire Diaries casting news, Twilight Saga actor Charlie Bewley will appear later this season as Vaughn, a mysterious character we presume to be a member of The Five. He will also premiere on Episode 13.


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and I couldn't even fit all those characters into one message apparently. Trust me. There were a lot more


This show has too many characters already. Don't believe me? Let's do a list of the characters that are in every single episode.
Stefan, Damon, Elena. Now the characters that are almost in every single episode.
Jeremy, Caroline, Bonnie, Tyler, Matt, Klaus (only since season 3), Professor Shane(only since this season), Hayley(only since this season) Now the characters that are there once in a blue moon.
Elijah, Rebekah, Kol, Bonnie's mom, Sheriff Forbes, Mayor Lockwood, April, Katherine, Anna(even though she died), Alaric(even though he died, too), Lexi (even though she's dead. yeah her as well), Jenna (only in season 1, 2) Now the characters that were only there for a few episodes
Mason, Anna's mom (can't remember her name at the moment), Bonnie's mom, Elena's mom/dad, Elena's real mom/dad, Tyler's dad?(can't remember if he was already dead before the show), Gretta and Klaus' other witch/warlock, that one hybrid guy who Connor killed, Connor, the 12 council members, Caroline's dad, those guys who tortured Stefan, The Five, that witch who started The Five, Ayana, Original 'mom/dad'(can't remember their names), Original brother who was killed in a flashback, Charlotte, witch Damon saw about breaking sire bond, daughter of witch Damon saw about breaking sire bond, that blonde girl Stefan bit in season 1, Rose, Rose's best friend who was killed by Elijah, the hybrid who challenged Tyler to be alpha, the hybrids in general, Andie, Finn, Finn's girlfriend person with red hair, Salvatores relative in season 1 killed by Damon, Salvatore's dad, Luca, Luca's dad person, Meredith, Vicki, Anna's boyfriend who kidnapped Bonnie, Grams, Jenna's ex boyfriend who ended up being a vampire, witch Klaus saw about finding the necklace who tortured Stefan and was killed by Katherine. And the lists go on and on. I'm missing quite a few people I believe actually. So I am not only disagreeing with this whole character adding business. But I am giving you evidence as to why I disagree. There are TOO MANY CHARACTERS.

David and sabrina 2014

New mysteries and turns may be coming up but I don't want to be dealing with another awful episode again like "My Brother's Keeper". Now I'll be hating both Elena and Damon,thanks to the Delena fans. X(


Do you think Stefan will get a new love interest while Elena is with Damon?


I'm sure April's purpose will be revealed once everything is uncovered about the explosion… like someone else said, without new characters, who would they kill off? They have to do that. They can't kill all the core cast members. And people like Tyra Banks and William Baldwin were in GG to boost ratings. I'm saying its not like TVD is casting big name celebrities so I don't really think they qualify as "guest stars" they're just recurring characters. The only real guest star they're using for the ratings would be Gabby Douglas when she comes on…


lol amie, you're talking to fake accounts that julie plec made lul


April has appeared in 4 episodes and has served no purpose so far.


TVD needs more characters. End of story. LOL, what? TVD is pulling a GG s3...but at least in GG those guest stars served a purpose like Tyra Banks's character worked with Serena and Joanna Garcia dated Nate so that she could get to Carter - ahhh the moments Carter had with Serena...William Baldwin played Serena's dad...and everyone else like Caroline Lagerfelt as Cece and Kevin Zegers as Damien were just a thrill to watch anyway...


Wow people relax! I'd hardly call them "guest stars" especially in comparison to GG whose guest stars can be really high profile people. The actors guest starring on TVD aren't huge names or anything. They're just actors looking for another job… TVD needs more characters. End of story.


wtf is this gossip girl? where random guest stars show up out of nowhere? wtf is wrong with you

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