Burn Notice Round Table: "Over the Line"

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Pull up a virtual chair and gather around, TV Fanatics: we're back with a new edition of the Burn Notice Round Table!

This week, regular panelists Christine Orlando, Carla Day, Jim Garner and Steven (of Burn Notice Fanatic) breakdown their favorite scenes from the latest installment, while also sounding off on Olivia Riley and other topics...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Christine: The final scene between Michael and his Mom. I love how smart and feisty Madeleine is. There's no question where Michael gets it from. Plus the water backdrop was gorgeous.

Carla: Michael's escape from the hotel. He turned an impossible situation into something workable. He's a genius when it comes to that stuff. I loved that Fiona and Jesse were confused about his plan and then the car came busting through the wall.

Steven: Towards the end when Michael, Fiona and Jesse devised the plan to capture Riley. It kind of reminded me of their last stand with Vaughn (Burn Notice Season 4).

Jim: I'm with Christine. I loved Michael and his mom finally talking.

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What do you think of Olivia Riley?
Christine: She's hard core and will be a serious challenge for Michael and the team. Bringing them in seems more important to her than learning the truth.

Carla: Formidable. She may be the toughest foe that Michael has faced so far. She has a strict moral code with a black or white attitude. What Michael did is all sorts of gray. She will be a tough foe to convince.

Steven: I agree with Carla. This one's a doozy.

Jim: Yep, Carla nailed it. Hard to be black and white in Michael's grey world.

Do you think Michael can clear his name... again?
Christine: How many times will this guy have to clear his name? If I were him I'd disappear to some tropical island and call it a day.

Carla: No, but I think he will get away with it.

Steven: It'll be more difficult than anything before. With Riley in the way, I wouldn't bet on it.

Jim: With the recent announcement of Burn Notice Season 7, it looks like we will get to find out.

Should Sam have been more honest with Riley?
Christine: Goodness no. Sam is loyal to a fault and he was looking out for his team. He has no loyalty to Riley and she's already proven that her word can't be trusted.

Carla: Absolutely not. He had to stand by Michael and the team. If he gave them up, he has nothing.

Steven: Being Mike's best friend, he wouldn't tell the truth to save his own life. Regardless, Sam was screwed the moment Riley caught him (Axe or Finley).

Jim: I'm going against the group here. I think he could have been more honest but not give any details away. It might have gotten Riley more on Mike's side.

If you had to escape the country to hide out indefinitely, where would you go?
Christine: I hate the cold so definitely someplace warm and tropical. You'll find me sleeping under a palm tree with a book and fruity rum drink in my hand.

Carla: I'm probably on a government watch list now since I looked up "countries with no extradition treaty with the US," but from that list there aren't many that I would want to live in permanently due to the weather or political unrest. It doesn't look like the Ukraine has a treaty with the US, so I'd probably go there and hang out in Odessa or Yalta on the Black Sea.

Steven: I'm thinking any place which isn't shown on Google Maps/Earth or by a satellite.

Jim: I'm joining Christine; a rum drink and warm beach sounds great!

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Burn Notice Season 6 Episode 13 Quotes

Well I thought we were screwed seven ways to Sunday. But you can go ahead and make it eight and nine.


Michael: If I can take out the guard
Sam: Wait, whoa.
Michael: I'm not going to kill him Sam
Sam: You sure about that, last time I let you out of my sight..
Michael: I can get us out of here. You can either kick my ass or you can hear my plan. But you can't do both.