Boy Meets World Sequel Casting: Underway!

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It started as a rumor, but it's quickly becoming a reality:

The Boy Meets World sequel - to be air on the Disney Channel; to be titled Girl Meets World; and to focus on Cory and Topanga's 13-year old daughter - is actively casting for new characters as we type.

Boy Meets World Cast Pic

According to the network casting notes, Riley Matthews is "an adorable girl on the cusp of whatever comes next in life, and wanting to rush into it head first." She's also described a loyal and full of a "bright spirit and eternal optimism."

Cory and Topanga will also have a 14-year old son named Elliot. We can also confirm that Cory will be the next Mr. Feeny, serving as his child's history teacher.

Finally, there's Maya, Riley's best friend who is outlined as "dark" and very different from her close pal. Having never met her dad, sources tell Zap2It she will look at Cory as a father figure.

Yes, the Boy is now a father in more ways than one. We feel very old - and we can't wait to watch!

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I'm super excited


Boy meets world is my favorite sitcom. I have seen the episodes over a 100 times. Looking forward to the sequel.


I love it...they need bring back somemore of these shows


This makes me happy. I watched Boy Meets World FAITHFULLY when I was a kid! Now that I have kids, and I watch the Disney Channel with my family, I am thrilled that I will he able to share this with them!!!


I'm kinda psyched! I mean yeah I still would have liked a made for Tv movie giving us an update on the original cast....because that would just be awesome, and it would be easier to watch a redux if I knew what happen to the past characters. Would have been cool if Rileys friend was a boy...and did Cory just take his brother's dream of being the next Mr.Feeny?


It's news like this that makes my day/week/month!


MMmmmmm Topanga she was my first crush when i was a kid


I'm relieved that I won't be the only childless 30 something watching the Disney Channel!

Drea xoxo

hmmmm i don't know if i'm brought yet....sometimes i say leave things in the 90s and let us just look back and sigh at how the new producers and writers haven't a slightest about making a classic cult series last longer than 1-6 seasons....

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