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I hope I don't jinx the next several episodes of Bones by saying this, but I think our show is back, TV Fanatics.

While last week's Veteran's Day episode was heartfelt and moving, it was originally intended as a standalone, which left me wondering what would happen between then and the return of Pellant in January. 

"The Bod in the Pod" did not disappoint. Tonight, Bones and Booth were exactly where they're supposed to be: at the center of the show about Bones and Booth.

Crime Scene Tag Team

All of tonight was fun, start to finish.

We weren't overwhelmed with Sweets' lack of a love life. Finally. And while he is still living with Booth and Bones and doesn't seem to be able to respect their no-work-at-home boundaries, he fell back into his place as a secondary character.

There was also balance among the rest of the team at the Jeffersonian. Hodgins seemed slightly less mad scientist, a trend I hope continues. I like him best when he's not spouting off about blowing things up.

I also love that Hodgins and Angela always seem to be the first to know when there's another character entering into a new relationship, maybe because they are the original office romance at the Jeffersonian. It's like their instincts for sussing out new lovers are as strong as Bones' ability to find evidence that's seeped into concrete. None of them have to see the proof to know there's something more going on.

Watching the two of them discover that Cam and Arastoo are an item, however unlikely, was kind of sweet. And it earned us scenes of Hodgins and Angela together outside of the lab which is always nice.

Which brings me to Booth and Bones.

One of the things that has always worked about Bones and Booth is their marriage of science and soul. Booth's heart balances Brennan's logic.

What we've seen over the course of the series are all the ways in which Booth's outlook on life has changed Bones. While she's always cared deeply for those in her inner circle, she's become a better, kinder, warmer person for having him in her life.

Tonight we watched as she let her instincts take over in their murder investigation. Her "gut" told her who the killer was and she knew instinctively that she was right, independent of any evidence to support her claim. I love the version of Bones who relies on her brain, but I also love the more intuitive side of Bones that emerges the longer she's with Booth.

And speaking of love, that last scene between the two of them, where she listed reasons for loving him and he said he didn't need any, that was classic Booth and Bones. Classic. And perfect. So perfect, the entire conversation is on the Bones quotes page.

Tonight reminded me of what I love about this show. I think Booth and Bones are back where they belong, TV Fanatics. And I'm excited.

What did you think of "The Bod in the Pod?" Let's talk in the comments section below!


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What does LMAO one of y'all said it and i don't know what it means?


LOVED this episode. I think Cam & Arastoo make one HOT couple, and I doubled over laughing when Hodgins' gasp upon discovering the attraction mirrored what the audience was probably thinking. I don't think Arastoo is as young as the other interns. IIRC he was depicted as getting a late start in medicine, having spent time in the Middle East as a translator prior to starting medical school. In this episode, we also learn he is a political exile dating back to the 90's, when he was a college student. So, he's probably in his 30's. Fine with me. Cam needs some romantic action in her life. Can't all be blood & guts week in and week out. BTW, someone asked where Finn is, or Wendell. Just saw the actor who plays Finn on THE GOOD WIFE. The actor who plays Wendell just appeared on GRIMM.


i love BONES!i think Cam and Aristoo is one of the sexist pairings i've seen in a long time! I think he personafies the new renaissance sex symbol.the poerty and the conviction in which he spoke regarding 9/11 on the 11/13 episode made me want to jump on him! of course cam would feel the same way,it's difficult to be a strong & tough bosslady. now she has someone to soften her. i've had a crush on aristoo for a while and im soooo happy the are showing his loving and sexual side! i hope they are involved in the story line everyweek


Now, I thought the episode was meh, average. Cam and Astroo was out of nowhere, why should I route for them? Sweets needs to go or die, whichever. I too am sick to death of his character being all over the show; doing several of Booth's FBI scenes each ep and at their home, for a shrink he sure makes a sad human being who cant stand on his own two feet. . . Again agree with fans that say Booth has been pushed to background with nothing to do, at least Brennan gets to react to the cases. Booth gets nothing, not even a decent subplot, oh, no, wait he gets to react to Sweets living with him, oh what joy. Snark..


LMAO Just cos people don't like similar certain aspects or hate similar things doesn't mean they are the same person. That's a fan AND showrunner excuse to protect their favorite show and character.


How ridiculous some of these comments are. This has been one of my favourite shows from day one and will remain so until it's finale. A long running show like this always has its lows and I have been there to witness them. However it has always managed to reinvent itself which is certainly what appears to be happening in Season 8 and we should put our trust in the EPs, writers and actors to enure its continued success. Season 8 is still in its infancy. I am sure Booth will have much more involvment as the season progresses. If we are going to nit pick here then we must gently remind ourselves that this is a crime drama centered around a forensic anthropologist named Temperance Brennan. Just give it time and I think all of us will get what we want from S8, whoever our favourite characters maybe.


I really liked this episode! Last week's episode was a good lead-in to this one because we learned more about Arastoo. I like him a lot and I think he is a great character to bring to the forefront. I thought Hodgins' comment, "You are a political exile - that's so cool! [sees the look on Aristoo's face] In a terrible, terrible way," was so funny and so well played by both actors! Hodgins was right, Aristoo is really cool. It has taken a really, really long time to get to know Aristoo - from the guy who faked an accent so he wouldn't be questioned about his religion to the guy who wouldn't give up on a cold case who is also a poet and political exile - it's been worth the wait. Hodgins' online translations of his poetry were hilarious! "You know you're going to use the laser." Fun episode!


I enjoyed last nights episode, and not just for the Booth and Bones aspect of it, but also for the wonderful Hodgins/TJThyne and Angela...I adore their characters and their relationship, and watching them do what they do best is thrilling. I was a bit surprised that Cam and Aristu (Aristoo? How do you spell his name, anyway?) have such a hot romance going, I didn't see that coming at all, and I think that he is much younger than she is, but I can totally see Cam as a cougar, anyway, lol. I found Aristu's recitation of Persian/Farsi poetry to be just heart-meltingly beautiful, and I laughed at Hodgins "translation" of poetry for Angela ("You are my carburator") BTW, lay off Sweets, please. He's an excellent actor and an interesting character.


@Keith: I think so.
shauna, ella, kay, and carole... people are not dumb. You may write in 100 fake names, but it's pretty obvious when you're one in the same person. *facepalm*
I bet they all have the same IP address..


Are shauna, ella, kay, and carole all the same person?

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Bones Season 8 Episode 7 Quotes

[to Arastoo] You're in political exile. That is so cool. In a terrible, terrible way, of course.


Booth: We believe a line between home and work is important.
Sweets: I have a hard time believing Dr. Brennan can talk about anything else.