Beauty and the Beast Review: Stolen Kiss

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Cat and Vincent took one step forward and two steps back on "Saturn Returns."

How nice it would have been to see them share just one meal together. At this point in the series we have only had fleeting moments, so we don't know if there is anything more to them than the pull of the mysterious and unknown. 

Vincent Worries

In many of my reviews I have a Why I'm Not A... segment of the review. In this case, it would be a copy. Let's chat about my first thoughts on where Amy was when Michael reported her missing, shall we?

She was either a mob daughter, wanted for murder or in witness protection and when she saw the advertisement for their engagement, she freaked and erased herself from existence. If you were an actual policewoman, apparently, your first thought was Michael murdered her because she was having second thoughts on the marriage, then got concerned someone might report her missing, and therefore did it yourself before you were outed.

Yes, while Michael was intelligent enough to rid the apartment of nearly every clue of his betrothed's existence, he left a bleach bottle in the bathroom and blood stains on the light switch. I felt my own detective skills were looking up. She was in witness protection! Imagine the profuse patting I was doing on my own back. The part I didn't count on was someone impersonating a federal marshal.

How could I foresee it when even the Chief didn't see it, right?

As much as Cat's birthday was sort of a milestone for Vincent, because he had used it every year as a reason to check in on her and make sure she was alright, it was also a reason for him to push her away. Knowing how much it meant to mark moments in life with real people made him realize what a mistake it could be to bring Cat into his world. She wants to be there, but even she's confused.

That was made abundantly clear when she and Even had their turn in the photo booth, and after a few drinks he planted a kiss on her. It was a lengthy kiss and, as he said, she didn't push him away. Timing being what it is on television, it happened just as Vincent was sneaking her gift into the room.

While I did feel badly for the timing, there is a part of me that wants her to live a double life. To have the best of both worlds, so to speak. Evan is an awesome catch. In any other show, I'd be ecstatic that he made his move. It makes me feel a little weird that I am not thrilled because I want her to explore things with a man who is part monster, thought dead and in hiding. Something just isn't right with that picture. 

Revisiting happy thoughts, the idea of a photo booth at an event like that is brilliant. They were all having so much fun and as silly as it was we learned a lot about the relationships between the characters just because of that prop. Tess and Joe in the booth were almost as fun to watch as Tess and Cat. It was a great idea and well used. 

The case was very closely aligned with what Vincent is feeling about Cat. As Cat spoke with Amy, she was giving her all the answers on Micheal's behalf that she would give to Vincent as reasons she would want to remain in his life. Amy knew how much she was asking the man she loved to give up, and wasn't sure if she could do it. Vincent feels the same. The case had a happy ending, as they were able to come out of hiding. Cat tried to explain her needs to Vincent and everything appeared to be a go. 

I loved the song that was playing while she waited for Vincent and J.T. made his move on his fellow teacher. I just wish I knew what it was. I searched to no avail.

It was so disappointing that Cat was left believing Vincent didn't want to have dinner with her when he turned on the way. What was it about the flowers that triggered it? The whole episode he was experiencing odd trigger mechanisms. Hopefully, they will go into that a bit more so they aren't left playing games with each other when there are really none being played.

Miscommunication plots tend to turn into soap opera themes, and with a story like this wreck what they're trying to accomplish. 


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Song at the end: Best Part of Me.


When will they kiss...


I totally agree with elle... I just can«'t wait no more for a kiss between Cat and Vincent... I'll get an ulcer before JT if they don't kiss soon ;)


I really do think the show is getting better each week. I agree with some of the other comments that they need to kiss already and I hope Vincent tells Catherine tonight WHY he didn't show up for dinner. He needs to tell her his true feelings. I hope they give this show a chance. I love it. I like it so much better than Arrow. The chemistry between Catherine and Vincent is amazing. That's what it's all about!!


This show has a lot of potential for multiple series. - love the dynamic between Cat and Vincent. Jay is able to capture all of the feelings and mannerisms that depict someone who wants to be close to another human, but is scared and doesn't know how. He's a wonderful actor with a great future ahead. Kristen could do with a bit better material, i think. Some of the lines are a bit cheesy and they come across as "lines" instead of things that would be said in real life. All in all, whenever i go back to re-watch the show i always fast forward to scenes that have in Vincent. - love JT. The old married couple. He's a great compliment to the main characters. Nice to see his love life developing too. - the potential. Vincent's story, together with Cat's story all have the ingredients for a great collections of adventures moving forward. - the whole police investigation bit, and the cop cases could really just fall away if you ask me. They're boring, predictable, and take away from what i really want to see........... Vincent and Cat and their personal adventures moving forward. Really do enjoy the show, and every episode gets better and better. Hope it gets picked up again next year, as I don't think a single series can do it justice!


@elle no, you're not alone I'm dying to know what the present is. I liked this episode very much, I feel like the show's taking its form step by step, it's a shame that people are so mean, and judge it so bad for stupid details as how handsome the beast is, but well, every mind is an universe.


I don't think there's anything as love traingle on this show.I mean Vincent and Cat clearly have strong feelings for each other,Evan is there to help Vinc and Cat's story if it wasn't him it would be any other guy.
But he still annoys me and No Cat Evan's accent is not sexy at all.To me he is just too boring.There's just no emotions on him or between him and Cat.I mean i even find the Captain more interesting and handsome.
Anyways I loved the ep.It was everything i could ask for from this ep.I knew something would come up and Vinc wouldn't make it to the dinner.It just can't be this simple DAMN IT.
I wanted to punch Evan when he went for the kiss but i felt angry on Cat too cz she didn't push him away ughhhh....
Strangely first time in my life i like almost all the characters of the show except for Evan of course.This show has got me really hooked up and is moving up the rankings in my fav shows.
The promo for next ep looks good,Excited to see.


Well 505, the CW just gave it a full season order, since the ratings are stady at 1.8 million viewers.


Hey Carissa, the song is called Best part of me by St Leonards


This was a really great episode this is really starting to grow on me. i'm officially hooked! Does any one know if the ratings for this is getting better?

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