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It's Muirfield, not Meerfield. A previous episode showed Cat typing it into a computer.

The episodes are getting better and better, but I wish they didn't dispatch Silverfox so quickly. I'm just not feeling that Muirfield is a big bad scary threat yet. I want to see Percy from Nikita levels of evilness from them! Hope they get to be more threatening the next time they appear, as long as it doesn't involve kidnapping Cat's sister -- that would be so cliche!


I love this show. And no you're not the only one who thinks Cat and Evan make a cute couple.


I can understand why they don't show Vincent's face in the show seeing as he transforms into a monster every episode and just cost them too much money with the CGI. Perhaps if they cut down, we'd be able to get a glimpse of the face - the face that doesn't even look scary. He has sharp teeth and what looks like a drunk-crying-chick raging hardcore, whilst mascara runs down her face. Either way, it'd be great to see an actual moment where his face is visible and not as shaky as the camera.
Tess seemed to bother me again. Yes, her humour is worth noting, but I still don't see any character there. She just seems like a fill in for Cat to have.


I liked the episode but I wish that in the future they would more fully commit to the crime of the week stories. We can't continue to have the back and forth about Vincent being out in the open and all that stuff. It can't be the main focus of every episode.
The softball game at the end was funny. The chief doing his victory dance made me laugh. And seeing Cat look a bit goofy was good too.
I like that Cat can hold her own in a fight...but I don't like when they have the camera so close during a fight (like the Borne movies)...YOu can't really see what's going on.
Where was the sister in this. At some point she's going to run into Vincent on the fire escape. She does live there after all.


I understand why Cat was scared of Vincent; I think it was only natural and I'm glad they showed her coming around to trust her gut without dragging it on.

I think Vincent is going to become a crime junkie trying to hunt out victims and report them to Cat. I'm not saying that's a bad thing to try and help. But I don't think he's doing it for that reason, or at least for that alone. I wonder if he's falling for Cat because of who she is or because of what she does for him. She gets him back in the world, accepts him and expects him to be a good person, the latter of which no-one before Cat asked of him. And that would be hard for someone of Vincent's character to go long without. But if he's falling for her because she brings him out into the world again more than for who she is, well that's not fair to her or him. But this is a CW show, and impossible and imprudent romances are the bottom line. ;-)


Cat's partner's name is Tess, not Jess.


Great episode. It was nice seeing that even when offered everything about her mom cat said no and still kept quiet about Vincent. It was funny seeing her try to play baseball then in the end she trusted her instincts and hit an amazing home run. I understand why cat was scared of hjm but then she talked go jt and after that she trusted him and wasnt afraid of him any moro

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