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It was a little easy to ruffle Cat's feathers on "Basic Instinct." Meerfield did such a good job that Vincent did the thing we never expected: he turned himself in. Let's take a look at what went down...

Somehow, Cat was kidnapped and Vincent wasn't lurking in the bushes to protect her. The one time she could have used him and he was nowhere to be seen, but when she lost a softball in the woods, there he was! It's becoming difficult to imagine where and when he'll pop up.

The idea that he's enjoying his newfound freedom to help others again was very sweet until the rug was pulled out from under his feet and he felt like a horrible monster again.

Catherine and Tess on a Case

The argument Silverfox made to Cat about why they were searching for Vincent was ridiculous. Why would they be pumping so much money into looking for him if he wasn't a cold-blooded killer? I could think of several reasons right off the top of my head.

The first was he part of a top secret government experiment that they didn't want leaked to the outside world. Check. The second would be that he is worth more to them alive and killing for them than hiding out and not doing the job he was programmed to do. Check. The third might be their connection to Cat's mother and their desire that information never be leaked. 

If Cat was the detective she purported herself to be, she shouldn't have been so rattled by the tales Meerfield told her. A couple weeks ago, I said in my review of "Proceed with Caution" that Cat needed to have a reason to fear Vincent. That reason was supposed to come from his own actions, not second hand stories told by the big bad corporation. The idea was right, the execution was wrong. Apparently I need to open the portal to my mind a little larger for better reading.

Tess finally had a fun scene this week as she teased Evan about her surprise at not finding he and Cat romping together on his autopsy table. It's good to know someone other than me thinks Cat and Evan would make a cute couple, and that Tess is looking out for her partner and has her best interests at heart.

I'm kind of annoyed that instead of improving the rather shoddy CGI beast effects that we witnessed in the pilot, they've taken to shooting all of the beastly scenes either in the dark or with extremely shaky and unfocused camera action. It would be nice to get a good look at Vincent as the beast.

What, exactly, are we dealing with here? How scary is he? He has a nice roar, he's strong and can jump a fair distance, but his face is barely visible. I wonder why his scar doesn't crack open and bleed when he transforms. He must have some great elastin in that monster skin of his.

Cat learned to trust her instincts instead of trusting what others tell her first, and by saving Vincent from the clutches of Meerfield, she'll give him the opportunity to be the good samaritan for someone else should the need arise.

Cat's ideas of black and white are going to be stretched and she'll learn what gray areas are and why they matter. Learning to expand her breadth of understanding as she and Vincent grow together could be solid framework on which to build the series.


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Can someone tell me what was the song in minute 22?


I wouldnt assume that she is no longer scared of him, I mean she stated that she will trust her initial gut feeling but that doesnt imply that she´ll never fear him or his actions. They have said that the beast looks gradually changes, I believe thats why they are not showing it clearly they will reveal it when the beast presents on a 100%, I mean the previous episode it showed that he was just transforming, in this one I could even see big animal like fangs, so I guess he can go from kinda scary to full horrible looking so I am excited to see it. A hairy beast wouldnt work because now we ask about mythology of our characters I was too young but I think in the 80´s version we never really got the reason why Vncent was lion-like, in today´s world we would be demanding reasons. The show is getting better and better and I really think is my newest TV crazy obsession, I cant wait for this show to develop and unravel...


@ tati
I actually love the way she takes on the bad guys.
And i think it's not that unrealistic i think cz in the end she always loses.The subway fight and the fight with Muirfield guys.


It's just 4 episodes,they can't just reveal everything.
I'm sure there are alot of things that we yet have to learn about Cat and Vincent and specially the Beast.
What they're trying to show is that Cat some how enables Vincent to control his beast.
I'm sure in the coming episodes we will see the Beast losing control.As i read some where that the exec producer sad that if we think we have seen all that Vincent can do than we are wrong.Ep 9 has something special.


Cat is the 'music that soothes the savage Beast', I guess? That seems to be the path down which they are pushing the viewers, at any rate. She is fek annoying, though, with her bull-headedness and act-before-I-think mentality, at times. ...and, while I can still suspend disbelief, it IS getting harder and harder to buy that her little petite, thin self can take out some of the bad guys she's been taking out. She may have mad skillz, but she's got no weight/strength, compared to some of the bruiser types she's been fighting. She shouldn't be able to take some of them out, or at least, not as easily as she seems to.


I guess I have a problem that she ISN'T afraid of him any more. It seems like it should have taken longer. And if he can control himself and not rip innocent people apart, how is he a monster? I can understand him using his super senses to help people, but we need to see him have some more scares with his monster side without being able to control it. If it is adrenaline that sets him off, wouldn't that be triggered from sneaking around helping and almost being caught, too? Maybe if he almost has a car crash? Maybe if he. . .starts getting hot and heavy with a certain cop?


Wasn't really impressed by the pilot but since than this show has made me crazy obsessed with it.I remember GG being the only show that took most of time obsessing over it.Now this!!
It is getting better with every episode.I'm so in love with show.The characters now seem to have seatled with each other.Whch is great for the show.
I like Cat's fight scenes,it's realistic and looks so sexy.As for Vincent's beast face yeah i think they need to work on that a bit more and make him more scary and giant so that he actually looks like a Beast.And for those who says Muirfield is not as threatning i think we all heard that the guy whom Vincent killed said he hand't told his Bosses about him yet.SO now that he is dead i'm sure the bigger forces will come after Vincent which will be intersting and good for the show.I even saw a clip where Vincent is in a cage or something.So excited to see what up ahead.
It is not getting enough views as it should.I hope in future it does cz i want this in my watch list for at least 6 years.


I love this show! I've seen some people trying to make some comparisons to the 80's version, and the fact the the Beast here is actually a hottie, which ruins the whole premise. That is absolutely rediculous. I watched the old show too, but some half man half lion dude hanging out in NY sewers is simply just too corny to think of now, and wouldn't work. The success of the Twighlight franchise proves that sexy, good hearted monsters are EXTREMELY IN right now. As for this episode, the fear and the "bump in the road" for these two was really needed to show that yes, he's a Beast, and it really is supposed to be a BIG problem. Stuff was happening way too fast in the previous episodes. Can't wait to see how they make the first embrace or first kiss work! looking forward to the rest of the season!


Can someone tell me what was the song in minute 22 pleasee??


I'm getting super hooked into this show. I feel that, slowly, the storylines are getting better, the actors have more chemistry, and for the most part the show's connection with its audience feels genuine.

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