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I guess I'm the only one who finds her complete support and forgiveness of Oliver more than a little pitiful. Where's the best friend to tell her "aww he missed you on that island. Was that before or after he realized he couldn't screw your sister anymore since she's dead?"

First I find the idea that this green arrow is supposed to be considered a hero (or even an anti-hero) instead of a selfrighteous murderer laughable. What if he's wrong? Deciding you are the judge, jury and executioner has its risk. This is a revenge story, not a hero story. Not every crime on this show is worth the death penalty.

As for Laurel, I find her lack of support of her own family disgusting. She comes off as a rebeling teen in scenes with her dad. I think this show should have her struggle with who to give her loyalty instead of just shoving it at the guy that ruined her family, got her sister killed and screwed her over ignoring the father that still very much in pain. She says she's in law because of him. I don't see any of that respect and admiration in their scenes. This weak chick definitely is no Lois Lane.

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