Arrow Review: Hiding In Plain Sight

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Another week in Starling City, another shocker. Actually, "Muse of Fire" gave us more than just one new bad guy.

It introduced viewers to a possible love interest; an identity reveal; and the early stages of a full out mob war. Somebody is targeting the associates of the Bertinelli crime family, who ever could it be?

Oliver on a Date

When Moira is shot for standing with someone who owed the Bertinelli crime family, Oliver is determined to take that person down. So determined, in fact, that he leaves his own mother lying and bleeding in the street to try and get a glimpse of the license plate.

I know he was doing it to seek justice for his mother, but as Diggle told him sometimes you need to be a little emotional and stay in the moment, maybe hold your mom's hand until the EMTs get there. 

As Moira told Thea, I think people often forget that Oliver was living on a deserted island for five years. One with the Mandarin name for "purgatory." Oliver's social and emotional skills need adjustment. Then again, he probably won't ever be able to relate to people the way he did before.

I just think we need to stop judging him for the Oliver he was and start accepting him for the Oliver he is. | permalink

This actually reminds me of Emily Thorne's quest for justice on Revenge. While she may have a childhood love for whom she still harbors feelings, after everything she's gone through, she's going to be compatible with a completely different type of person now. That brings me back to Arrow and the Huntress.

Not to upset the Laurel/Ollie shippers, but I am really feeling Oliver and Helena. They are both vigilantes in their own way. It was evident from the moment they had dinner and she asked if there were parts of the island he missed. Not many people would ever think to ask that, nor would they think there was anything appealing about being on a deserted island. It was obvious she was a little darker from the get go. It looks like everybody's family has their drama.

Truthfully, I watched this episode twice and went back and looked at clips on YouTube after John Barrowman was revealed to be Mr. Merlyn. I'm sure a lot of you predicted it, but I was really wowed for a minute there. So the Queens and the Merlyns are both caught up in things they shouldn't be, which makes sense considering they are both very powerful business families with shady secrets. 

Were you expecting that to be Barrowman's identity? 

The question now is where does this leave Tommy with his father? What exactly was Mr. Merlyn trying to convince Moira when he creepily visited her in bed? Also, do you think a full out war will emerge now that The Chinese Triad is being blamed for the Bertinelli shootings? It sure looks that way.

Last, but certainly not least, what did you think of the introduction of The Huntress? Do you agree she and Oliver have chemistry?


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While I don't care for Tommy and Laurel (because I never like a best friend going with his best friend's girlfriend, whether he thought the person dead or not, and especially if he found out his friend was NOT dead), I'm not a shipper of Oliver and Laurel either. So I can accept Oliver and the Huntress. Plus I can't see how Laurel could really take Oliver back after he went with her sister and inadvertently caused her death. That's too much "water under the bridge". I definitely did not see that coming - John Barrowman being Tommy's father. What a shocker! But, btw, isn't he too young to be Tommy's father?


Was Tommy's dad the same guy who visited Moira in her bedroom? I didn't think they were..... Yeah, Tommy didn't look to convincing when he said "That was MY trust fund." to his dad. He'll probably move in with the Queens.


@TFV168: My thoughts exactly. I even asked my husband about it as we were watching. From what I can tell, Tommy's dad is part of the shadowy group (that also includes Oliver's mom) who sabotaged the Queen's boat in the first place. They (the shadowy group) are very panicky that "The Hood" seems to be targeting people on the list of names Oliver's dad gave Oliver before he died. Does that clear it up? I agree with some of the other commenters here: I had a really hard time digging up sympathy for poor little trust fund Tommy being cut off. Time for real life, Tommy! Now that he's broke, a relationship with Laurel will be good for him. I'm liking Oliver & Helena, for the moment. Let's see how it goes.


This show is only good because Stephen Amell takes his shirt off half the time.


Okay, I'm a little lost. I guessed the reveal of Tommy's dad was supposed to be significant based on the pause in the show, but I have no idea why. What is so significant about Tommy's dad?

Sarah silva

Steve: Tommy is Olivers age so that makes them 27. Usually when families have money like Oliver's and Tommy's the kids do not have to work as they have trust funds. :)

Sarah silva

I thought this episode was fantastic!
For me this continues to be the best new show.
I feel bad for Tommy, I am sure there is more to the story of why his dad cut him off the day after he visited Moira and asked her about her health and if she reconsidered. That was super confusing to me. However I think it is what lead Mr. Merlyn to cut Tommy off. Are Tommy and Oliver brothers?
I knew that John Barrowman was Mr. Merlyn as soon as Tommy went to talk to him.
I do want to see Oliver and Laurel together in the end but I like her and Tommy for now and I think Helena and Oliver make one hot pair!
I really hope we do not have Thea be mean to Oliver and then sweet every episode!


To the folks shipping Tommy and Laurel - don't even bother LOL. I actually wish, but it shall not be. If they're sticking with comic lore, Laurel eventually becomes Black Canary, and she and Green Arrow become a pretty formidable couple. I don't know - I found it hard to stay riveted to this episode. It bored me a little.


Is she the black widow?


continues... ...too many rejections on both sides, and it could become very tiresome to watch.

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