Angus T. Jones Labels Two and a Half Men as "Filth," Tells Fans Not to Watch

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Charlie Sheen may be gone, but controversy has returned to Two and a Half Men.

In a wide-ranging interview with in support of Forerunner Chronicles, the actor blasts the sitcom on which he stars, pleading with viewers to actually turn the channel on Thursday nights.

“If you watch Two and a Half Men, please stop watching Two and a Half Men,” he says in the following testimonial. “I’m on Two and a Half Men, and I don’t want to be on it. Please stop watching it, and filling your head with filth... people say it’s just entertainment. Do some research on the effects of television and your brain, and I promise you you’ll have a decision to make when it comes to television, especially with what you watch.”

Wow. Watch the full interview now as we await Chuck Lorre's response:

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I have never commented on any of these sites, but he should be fired. This total ungrateful idiot makes 350,000 for about 2 lines a week. If he feels so strongly, he shouldn't accept the paycheck. How about the fact that he looks older than jon cryer? He was funny when he was little, now he just sounds like a stupid idiot - every line is delivered the same - stupidly. Dump his ungrateful butt chuck - more berta and evelyn, they r funny. He sucks.


Maybe he is sick of each episode being about nothing else but sex. That's why I'm stopped watching it, stupid, lack of creativity and only one central theme, sex.


First of all...when the kid started he was very young, and being a television star probably seemed like a cool thing to do. 2nd he's older and he sees things differently now and it's the show he works on so he should be able to say what he wants. He obviously doesn't want to do it anymore and more than likely has a contract that won't allow him to leave. I agree with him totally, the show is trash. Ashton Kuthcher does not act well in it, and the storyline is stale, and each episode seems like the last. When Charlie Sheen left I stopped watching, except the premier episode of the Kutcher era and a few other episodes and I can't believe it still has a following. I was not a big fan in the first place and only occasionally watched it if there was nothing else on. This kid has his own mind and his own feelings, just because he's getting paid doesn't mean he should bow down and lie about what he really thinks. Rock on Angus, never let any person let you think stating the truth is the wrong thing to do,because they don't know what it's like for you. The studio doesn't own you, you have the right to feel like you do and say it out loud. Good luck to you young man.


I probably wouldn't be commenting on a show that pays you around 350,000 per episode and made you famous. I hope they fire angus for the comments. I don't even watch the show but it's just so disrespectful.

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Alan: What's the forecast?
Charlie: High tonight, low tomorrow, 100% chance of hangover.

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Alan: But that guy is never me.