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I agree with Andra, the show is a big orgy and Silver is the worst of the bunch (Dixon, Teddy, Navid and Liam) she's been with all the guys on the show (Naomi should watch out for Max lol). I liked Navid best with Ade and that;s why i liked him but not so much these days, his become a douche and he should stop pining for Silver, they don't work together. I still hold hope for Liam and Annie too but not looking likely right now so I think Annie should give Riley a chance at some point. Ade & Dixon should also break up already. I'm also starting to get the feeling Alec is gay and actually likes Max, its the only explanation why he hates all the girls Max goes out with.


a really good episode!
Annie, Riley and the Nerd! Annie and Riley are great together! Can't wait to see them get deeper into the Relationship!
Naomi and the boys! She is quite funny! and i love her fighting! but she is on a big down road! the writers doesn't give her a decent break!
Addixon is so last year! I admire Ade for trying, but DIXON is a Big spoiled B*TCH! Since S2 his character development is so bad, really BAD! Shame they didn't crashed him out! Wes is hot and suits Ade, but let's see were it will take us! Shame Jessica from the SC is working with him.
the L-S-N plural-angle is interesting! Navid being mean and bitchy gives him a new edge! I love Siam-Liver, they've got chemistry I dislike Silver going around the boys like meat but she and Liam could work! Even when I'm a bigger fan of LAnnie.


@francine - you're right, I don't know why Justin Hartley came to mind. Just changed it. Wes Brown was in Hart of Dixie.


Taylor is played by someone called Wes Brown, not Justin Hartley...


I REALLY want and need LANNIE back, they were the only ones with chemistry. Liam and Silver are goss and annoying.


I really liked this episode. Naomi's storyline was interesting -I loved how Annie's "good guy" boyfriend is involved -they did that well. I think Addixon should call it quits -it's been over for some time...
It was cool to see Madison again -and relly funny when she got drunk on the dance floor and Alec and Naomi were competing for her attention -LOL! I felt really bad for Riley -because he culdn't dance, and then Annie just went out and danced with Colin... :( -it's also cool to see Liam getting his bad-boy haircut from season 1 back -AND the additude! Uh! and the same goes for Silver. -overall, everyone have interesting storylines -EXCEPT for Navid -he's just sort of there and pining for Silver -What else is new? ;P What happended to: "I'm done being to good guy"? -I thought that proclamation would lead him somewhere interesting, but the only thing he's actually doing now is being a douche to his best friends... loser!


I always laugh with my friends about this show because basically they almost have an orgy there. I bet in the future there will be some new couples like Liam-Adrianna, Navid-Annie, Navid-Naomi, Dixon - Naomi and maybe Dixon - Annie because they are not really brothers and the sick minds of the producers might explore that too.


Lannie FTW!!! Overall j enjoyed this Episode, can't wait for next week.

"This Show makes Gossip Girl look positively moral"... lol Not!
90210 is much better than GG and a lot more fun. GG is a hot mess! Also very boring.


Ugh, silver and Dixon were horrible together. Please do NOT put them back together. Leave Naomi with Max. I think silver has great chemistry with Liam. She does with teddy too, even if it's just platonic. I wish he was still on. I really like Riley so Annie should be with him. Dixon can have the new girl from therapy. And Navid can have… no one? He's turned into a douche on the show. I think too much has happened to put him and Adrianna back together. I never saw the "Lannie" appeal. Liam has been better with every other girl he's dated on the show, except Vanessa of course. So I'm crossing my fingers for silver and Liam!


So basically everyone has been with everyone except Navid and Naomi. Maybe they will be the next hook up on this ridiculous show. This show makes Gossip Girl look positively moral.

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