Will Chuck and Blair Get Married on Gossip Girl?

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We've already mused about Chuck and Blair having a kid on the Gossip Girl finale.

That flash-forward scenario would likely entail them getting married first, however.

After this week's Gossip Girl Season 6 premiere, do you think that seems likely?

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It's not totally far-fetched, given their agreement, but it's not a slam-dunk either.

TV Line says "one of them will fail to accomplish an important item" on their personal to-do lists, potentially throwing a wrench into their plan to get together for good after spending time working on themselves.

Also, reports say we won't see B's ring resurface for another few weeks at least, and that no one other than Blair and Chuck knows of their pact. Not necessarily bad news, but it looks like hurdles remain for Chair.

Sound off on what you foresee - and want to see - for the couple below.

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Wheres waldorf

I don't trust this site. They say that only Blair and Chuck know about the pact but its clear Nate and Dan do


Duh! B and C wont be the endgame! I know the writers are ruining them. That's what they do. My 5 years watching GG is a waste!

Elise of the upper east side

b- why in the world did you buy season 5?! That was horrible, I'm never watching it again!! :P When this show is over, I'm buying season 1 and season 2 and that. is. it. I thought I might add season 6 to that list but it's still bad so unless the next 9 eps are amazing (doubt it) then s1 and s2 it is :) The real GG ended there anyway

Elise of the upper east side

yeah were it not for Chuck and Blair, I would've quit watching after 3x01. I knew GG wasn't the same :P


Dan's speech was horse bum droppings. He didn't love her unconditionally. What show are people watching. They are young they should work on themselves first. Heck even if she did not end up with C, she definitely does not need a loser like DHumps A cup lady lumps in her life.


I own season 1 2 and 5 going to buy 3 and 4 but if Chair dont end up together I will not buy the 6th season dvd and i'll sell or give away my gg dvds


i have been chuck and blair fans since i first saw chgucks face watch her at victrola which is why i think the 2 of them should have a scence or something there since thats where it all started even if its not a wedding as long as they are together im happy




I think i speak for many people when i say that through the not so good seasons of the show, seeing scenes with chuck and blair together is what pulled me through. so i think the show's writers should reward us with a wedding before the ending of gossip girl.


I have been a Chair fan since season 1. I think all of us, Chair fans, deserve a proper, happy ending!

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