Who Will Be Mer's "Person" on Grey's Anatomy?

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Is Cristina Yang about to be replaced as Meredith's "person" on Grey's Anatomy?

Mer's portryer, Ellen Pompeo, has made her desire for this clear a second time.

“It’s not very realistic that a married woman would have her best friend be her No. 1 before her husband,” the actress tells TV Line, echoing previous sentiments she made in previewing Season 9 earlier this fall.

Patrick Dempsey as Dr. Derek Shepherd
Ellen Pompeo as Dr. Meredith Grey
Sandra Oh as Dr. Cristina Yang

“I guess if you’re 20. But for a grown woman, your No. 1 person should be your husband - or what’s the point of getting married? Your significant other should be your significant other, so hopefully we’ll transition into that.”

Ellen raises an interesting point about growing up, and the idea of marriage.

Is there a way for Derek and Cristina to co-exist in this capacity? Can Mer have two "persons" that msh seamlessly into her life?

Or, conversely, is there bound to be conflict and jealous in this regard as she grows up? Share your comments with us below.

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Mer-Cri friendship is over top to me!!!
Look at 2 poor men,Der and Owen, their wife always be first in their life. I don't know what Shonda's thinking of " Soulmate??


I don't see anything wrong with Ellen want Meredith to continue to grow as a character, and they will do this as realistic as possible, she have been portray Meredith for 8-9 seasons so it's like she's a part of her. And yes, especially on the lead couple of Grey's. Sure Grey's is not realistic but constintally put your best friend before your husband and child is childish and it's boring to watch ''you're my person'' crap, Ellen must be tired of portraying the same thing too. Most of the writers are married and still write stuff like this it's unbelievable how they portray a marriage. M/D can have friends, sure but not like the M/C friendship turned out the last seasons. Also balance is the ideal in everything.


two persons.. they'll make it work


I love the Cristina-Meredith friendship, but considering Shonda is all for 'making it real' that she would die their relationship down a little.


@Darla I am 34 with a husband and 3 daughters. And considering Derek married this woman knowing that she has the issues she has and the fact that they got "married on a post it" I think he is more than willing to step outside of the norm and write their own rules and regulations for their relationship. If Pompeo wants realism I doubt seriously Grey's Anatomy is the place to look for it. Think about all of the unrealistic things that go on in these people's lives on this show. Who gets married on a post it? Remember when Izzy cut the Denny's LVAT wire and all of the interns took the blame so that Izzy wouldn't get in trouble? Who realistically almost throws away years of hard work in medical school because her friend broke hospital regulations? I think Grey's Anatomy has set itself as a place where things don't always portray the most realistic behavior. It is allowed to step out of the boundaries of realism. I live reality....I prefer my tv to take me elsewhere.


I've always thought Mer's lack of parenting, and her mother always encouraging Mer to keep a distance from friendships has made Mer do the opposite. Cris gets Mer in ways that Der (in Mer's eyes) doesn't.
I agree with Ellen , it is time for Der to step up as 'Person'. Shonda will hopefully start working on that idea as Cris rebonds with her husband. I don't want to see Mer watching Crowen with the regret of Cris moving away from her. Mer needs to move towards the love of her life!


And for that matter, so does Cris. Mer depends on both of them for balance and that's ok. I don't see how creating a conflict from this situation will enhance MerDer's relationship any. All it does is create stress on a relationship that's FINALLY starting to become the great love story most of us knew it was supposed to be.


John? *snickers*


I guess I can see both sides to the argument. My husband and I have been together for 14 years. There isn't anything I don't share with him. So in that regard, he is my Person. But- I also have a friend that is like a sister to me. We've drifted thru so much in our lives in the last 23 years and we've done it together. So there isn't anything I don't share with her, either. In that regard, she, too, is my Person. The two of them are the constants I automatically look to in my life- to share joy and tears with. I'm lucky that my husband and my friend haven't ever felt the need to be my one and only #1. And I can't imagine a time they ever would expect me to make that choice. They each understand the importance of the other in my life, my children's lives and even their own.Derek seems to have grasped this same concept very early on where Mer and Cris are concerned and doesn't seem stressed about his place in Mer's life. He already knows exactly where he stands with her and for that matter, so does Cris. I don't see how creating a problem from nothing will enhance Mer and Der's relationship any.


why is it okay for carrie bradshaw to be able to call her best friends, "her soul mates", while john was just second to that. she and the rest of the girls have clearly stated this, yet hundreds of people have cheered on the series for the four to be happy with each other, and john was just her husband. understandably, when you marry someone, they should be your primary someone, and your kids. but how do you take the "person" whos been with you for many years, been with you through each heartache and have comforted you in every death that you experience with people who were significant to you? derek knew what he was getting into, and has stated "these are different women" with burke, so i have no sympathy if he's upset. don't get married to meredith then. simple as that.

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