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Tyler is not worthy of Caroline not because he's a douche. But because he's boring, uncultured, not intelligent, shallow, wimpy and so on. Klaus is way better. It's a fact.


Forwood is ALL about Sex ? WHAT THE HELL ? Ok, I like Joseph Morgan, but turning Klaus into a sudden puppy for Caroline it sucks. This gross and odd.

Tyler is the ONE for Caroline : he broke his bones to be with his girlfriend = this is love. He was a douche, be became a Man for her. He would have died for her. Your arguments saying Tyler's not being worthy (i.e. : not stable, douche - he's no longer a douche-....) for Caroline are Not Valid !

Why Caroline will never fall for Klaus ? 1. Mass murderer 2. Manipulator 3. No compassion 4. Messed up with everyone in Mystic Falls 5. Acting like 3 year-old kid to get what he wants.

If you want Klaroline, it's only on fanfiction, not on the tv show. Klaroline will never happen on TV.




Their love triangle doesn't interest me much when I mostly can't wait for season 4 to0 come tomorrow. =D XD


Honestly,those pictures make me laugh. I don't know why,but they do!


Of courde she should date Klaus!!! We all want that. Its the reason I am so excited for TVD! KLAUS! KLAUS! KLAUS!

Avatar is almost as bad as the promopic that shows all of them. someone over there loves photoshop waaaay to much


For those interested, the correct translation is:

Amor est immolare = Love is (means) sacrifice
Sanguis potestas est = Blood is (means) power
Amor habet me = Love has/holds me


Caroline's photo looks really creepy...Latin words are nice touch tho..guess JP is going all mythological on us, she knows Latin yo!


Bruce lee says to be water :)

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