Tournament of TV Fanatic: Emily Deschanel vs. Chris Colfer!

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Welcome back to the 1st annual Tournament of TV Fanatic!

Earlier this fall, Stana Katic earned the title of our #1 ABC star, joining our CBS winner, The Mentalist's Simon Baker, and CW champion Jensen Ackles as TV Fanatic readers' favorites on their networks.

Now it's time for you, TV Fanatics, to choose your favorite Fox star!

We have chosen 16 stars for this showdown - to be followed by NBC and miscellaneous (HBO, FX, USA etc.) brackets. The concept is easy: Pick your favorite of the two pairs in each poll. That's it!

First up? Our #1 seed, Bones' leading lady Emily Deschanel, against #16 Chris Colfer of Glee! Which of these actors do you love most? VOTE, then check out the full Fox bracket below:

And the Winner is?

Emily Deschanel vs. Chris Colfer: Which Fox Star Do You Love More? Vote now in this first round matchup of the Tournament of TV Fanatic: Fox Edition! View Poll »

Poll is now closed! Here are the results:

Emily Deschanel

Chris Colfer

Total Votes: 3425

We will post polls of these respective Fox matchups daily, and then after each round, update the bracket as some stars advance, while others are eliminated, until the winner is crowned. Make sense?

It's easy, fun and all decided by YOU! Here's the Tournament of TVF ABC field:

Fox Bracket

First-round matchups to come: Jane Lynch vs. Mindy Kaling; Anna Torv vs. Kiefer Sutherland; Zooey Deschanel vs. Lucas Neff; David Boreanaz vs. Cat Deeley; Lea Michele vs. Ryan Seacrest; Simon Cowell vs. Max Greenfield, Michaele Conlin vs. Joshua Jackson. Happy voting!

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Emily merece ganar. Bones all the way!!!!!!!!!!!


lillyslifestyle: AND WHAT IF GLEE ISN'T THE BETTER SHOW??? That's not a valid argument. Glee is very crap, but that has nothing to do with Chris, he always makes an amazing job and he always OUTSHINE EVRYONE in the show.


But: True Chris Colfer is talented, I admit to that, but Emily Deschanel deserves it also. Chris is most known for Glee, so it is safe to say the majority of people voting for him is Glee lovers (I said majority, not everyone), and Glee is over rated. Don't get me wrong, I watch Glee myself but it is not the best show. Of course, in Glee, Chris Colfer is the best actor in there!


I meant beat Glee's ass.


As much as I love glee this one should and has to go to Emily!! I mean how can an adult actress be beaten by some kid?? Yeah i said kid cause that's what he is to me. Come one Bones people where are you? We have to get Glee's ass.


Even further than his acting, which is absolutely astounding, Chris is just an all around incredible person. My vote's gotta be with him :)


lillyslifestyle: I'm sorry but Chris Colfer is a Golden Globe winner and an Emmy nominated, so shut up, he deserves it.


My vote is for Emily and David all the way.
Bones is the Best.


I think we should make it a Deschanel vs. Deschanel fight haha. Love those two!


Chris Colfer is the most talented actor I know of.

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