The Voice Review: Taking Some Knocks

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Unlike the lengthy Blind Auditions and Battle Rounds, the Knockout Rounds were short and sweet. The Voice finished up its newest tweak to Season 3 by cutting Christina's and Blake's teams in half on Tuesday night.

Watching Monday's episode immediately before Tuesday's made one thing very clear: Team Cee Lo is absolutely the front runner going into the live shows. Between Mackenzie Bourg, Trevin Hunte and Nicholas David, he probably has my three favorites in the entire competition.

For now, let's take a look and who moved on and who got kicked to the curb on Tuesday's edition of The Voice...

Terry McDermott Wins!

Team Xtina

Devyn Deloera ("I Have Nothing") vs. Laura Vivas ("I Need to Know")

Devyn's Whitney was a bit too spot on, and not nearly as good, as the original.  Laura, meanwhile, was exciting from the jump. Maybe her voice wasn't on Devyn's level, but she won me over with the performance.
My Choice: Laura
Xtina's Winner: Devyn

Adriana Louise ("Already Gone") vs. Celica Westbrook ("Never Say Never")

Adriana's voice fit that Kelly Clarkson track perfectly, and while she didn't take many risks, she also didn't make any mistakes. Celica's mistake was in her song choice. That Bieber number didn't really leaver her much room to excel and it cost her.
My Choice: Adriana
Xtina's Winner: Adriana

Alessandra Guercio ("Take a Bow") vs. Dez Duron ("Stuck on You")

Neither one of these two really stepped up and won this round. As Carson said every single time, this was indeed a difficult decision, but mostly because neither deserved to be in the live shows.
My Choice: Dez
Xtina's Winner: Dez

Chevonne ("Dancing With Myself") vs. De'Borah ("You Found Me")

I think De'Borah will be the last contestant standing on Xtina's team. In this performance she showed the power and the confidence to be a contender in the competition.  Chevonne, conversely, was running around on stage like a crazy person. It didn't compare to Artie Abrams' performance on Glee.
My Choice: De'Borah
Xtina's Winner: De'Borah

Aquile ("Grenade") vs. Sylvia Yacoub ("Fighter")

I really wanted to love Aquile because I have seriously enjoyed his performances in the past, but neither of these were all that great. When you hear so many week after week, these contestants really need to wow the viewers at this point, and neither did that on Tuesday.
My Choice: Aquile
Xtina's Winner: Sylvia

Team Blake

Gracia Harrison ("I Don't Want to Miss a Thing") vs. Liz Davis ("Gun Powder and Lead")

I don't understand why Blake wouldn't have tried to convince Gracia to sing something else. Not only is that Aerosmith track extremely played out on singing shows, but it also isn't anything like the song she killed in her yodeling Blind Audition. That isn't to take anything away from Liz, who did a fine job and deserved to move on.
My Choice: Liz
Blake's Winner: Liz

Rudy Parris ("Forever") vs. Terry McDermott ("Maybe I'm Amazed")

Terry was fantastic, and I've like him in the past as well, but I'm hoping my massive enjoyment wasn't solely because of how great "Maybe I'm Amazed" is. If you have a half way decent voice, this song will sound awesome. Rudy, meanwhile, gets an A for effort. Singing Chris Brown was a nice idea, but the execution left a lot to be desired.
My Choice: Terry
Blake's Winner: Terry

Collin McLoughlin ("BreakEven") vs. Michaela Paige ("Love is a Battlefield")

I enjoyed Collin's falsetto - or falsetta as it sound like Blake was calling it.  For that, he gets the edge from me.
My Choice: Collin
Blake's Winner: Michaela

Julio Cesar Castillo ("Somebody to Love") vs. Marissaann ("Lady Marmalade")

Maybe if Marissaann was on Team Xtina she would have gotten more brownie points for the song choice. Since this is Team Blake, it didn't help her out. I was angry at Julio's song choice until I heard him sing it out on that stage. He sounded great, but I would still prefer him to get back to his roots in this competition before straying too far away from his comfort zone.
My Choice: Julio
Blake's Winner: Julio

Cassadee Pope ("Payphone") vs. Suzanna Choffel ("Could You Be Loved")

Was Suzanna kidding with that song choice? I really can't believe this was the matchup they were left with to end the episode. The Voice was probably kicking itself for that.
My Choice: Neither
Blake's Winner: Cassadee

There you have it, TV Fanatics. The Knockout Round have come and gone. Who was your favorite from Tuesday night? And which coach has the best Top Five heading into the next round?


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