The Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek: What's on the Menu?

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What will it be, Elena? Asian? American? Italian?

On this Thursday's new episode of The Vampire Diaries, Damon and Stefan will open the hour by clashing over how to best treat Elena as a member of the undead.

Spoiler alert: Stefan will win. Double spoiler alert: animal blood won't exactly agree with Elena, which leads to the following scene, in which she opens up a bit to Damon and he makes a few food recommendations.

Watch now and be on the lookout for Damon's tribute to Alaric...

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Shouldn't Damon be a brother and just back away from his little brothers girlfriend. Oh I forgot there dating in real life so I guess they get to tell the bosses what to do. Before the Delena bully's start the usual. I do like Damon with Rebekah.


I love them together! I think if they gave Stefan and Meredith a chance that couple could really shine too (Fyi: Paul Wesley and Torey Devitto are married) Who with the Merefan,(or Stefedith < Doesn't have as nice as a ring to it)


I love Damon. :) And Delena. :)

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You better hope she's not a fan of Bambi.

Damon [on Elena]

I'm going to pretend like there's someone there because the alternative is too damn depressing.