The Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek: A Campus Visit

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The Vampire Diaries heads in two very different directions on next Thursday's "The Five."

  1. To the 12th century.
  2. To college.

And in the following sneak peek at the episode, we see Bonnie, Elena and Damon arrive on the campus of the latter, with Bonnie aiming to assist her friend and Damon aiming to... take aim at some coeds.

Check out the clip now:

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Plus, there is absolutely nothing said about rape here. If another guy said he had a thing for blondes, do you automatically assumed he raped them?
And the headache was due to the loss of blood and the vampire bites. Your Sage example was about taking blood too(Plus that was in a completely different era, one where sororities weren't popular or didn't exist, and people widely believed in Chasity)
This merely states that Damon likes these girls because stereotypical they tend to be looser and more prone to black-out nights.


@Fruit Salad
You're taking this show way too seriously, remember Damon is not human, he is a vampire ( you know that best and worst quality thing heightened). He (And a ton of other characters) also killed people too- and joked about it! (A little more morally wrong if you ask me.)
Chill out, if you don't like it then don't watch it. It's that simple.


I'm not a Bamon fan but I think they will explore it at some point.Ian Somerhalder literally said nothing to look forward for delena (sorry delenas)

Fruit salad

Remember the girls from season 1? Girls plural, not just Caroline. Go watch "A Few Good Men" if you need proof - he says, and I quote, "(the girls) will end up in their dorm with headaches, thinking they blacked out. Business as usual." That's a direct quote. Still think he's not a rapist? Uh, Sage begs to differ. "Those are the women who secretly crave seduction. They'll put up a good fight," blah blah, Damon asks what to do if the ladies say no - "You take it." And sure enough, just a few minutes later we see him do just that! I could keep on giving examples to just how sick and misogynist this show and Damon is, but I think I've made my point with these two... there's no getting away from it. At least one of the main three characters is a serial rapist, and the writers aren't even trying to cover it up.


Bamon is far from happening.


Did anyone else notice the flirty look between Damon and Bonnie? Bamon is going to happen :):):)


Damon is one of the most popular characters on this show - have you wondered why? Women love the bad boy even if he IS disgusting (and happily so). If you genuinely dont love the bad boy - good for you, its probably healthier. But tonnes of women love the rule breaker who goes from good to bad to good - who keeps you guessing. Klaus, hmmm, he's so purely evil that its cartoon. Less love for him, in terms of numbers, I'm guessing.


Holy crap... Where are you people getting this "he's making jokes about raping girls" idea? He said he had a thing for sorority girls... How in the world does that in any way imply rape...?


I just watched it, twice, really carefully, and there's not even the slightest implication of rape. Or compulsion. The only thing he implied was that he's slept with a hell of a lot of women. And Bonnie finds that kind of gross. I'm sure he drank from some of them and compelled them to forget because, well, he's Damon and he did that to Caroline, but I seriously doubt he would need to compel sorority girls to sleep with him. Because look at him! Also, he is meant to be kind of evil. If he wasn't such a mixture of bad and good he wouldn't be nearly such a great character.


I also don't get why you guys are assuming he forced the girls. It's not even implied that he compelled them. We've already met Bree, one of his college girlfriends, whose only gripes was that he dumped her, never got over Katherine and of course the whole killed Lexi thing.

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