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True, she didn't mention Uncle John, did she? I mean, he was an ass at times, but he gave up his life for her.


What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Just one?! This episode was by far one of the best of the series. The moment Matt offered to allow Elena to drink from him, and the way Damon looked at Matt in sort of shocked almost-respect...that was my favorite.


More heroic this week – Tyler all the way. He was the only one Connor knew about, so going up there he knew he would be taking the magic bullet for the team.

Who I miss the most? Seriously? How can you miss anyone more than Alaric?


Favourite scene – OMG, how about the entire episode? It was insanely good. Of course number one has to be the final scene, Damon talking to Alaric's grave. Yeah, I cried... Also, the entire memorial scene was incredible. Especially the moment when they realized it's a trap. Also, as a major Delena fan, I loved the scene with Elena feeding on Damon. So hot and intense. I wish they would just stop teasing us already, because it's becoming hard to watch.

Connor will probably be awesome villain. Villain that we actually hate, since it didn't really work with Klaus.

Elena was wrong not to tell Stefan about her blood problem, but I can't take Stefan's whining anymore. When will he learn that sometimes you need to go the hard way? By trying to avoid that he's actually complicating everything.


Elena didn't mention her biological parents or alarica wtf?! I liked everything but thattohough, and te scene I loved the most was Damon and Alaric scene! I love them both!I wish he could come back to life! He was definitely the one I missed the most, and after that, Anna! I really liked her too!


Love this show and I love Damon because his character is full of deep feelings sometimes human sometimes evil but at the end he is such a complicated person that make us love him more.
I miss Alaric so much I am still wondering why he has to die since he was the one who was mature and the protector of Elena and Jeremy


1. The entire scene at the church, haven't had one of such intense scenes in a while!

2. TVD can't do a normal introduction, can it? It has to be either the awkward and weird way like April or out of nowhere Connor. He just appeared on my tv screen and went all CSI on this town.

3. Would you like it if your girlfriend stuck her tongue down your brother's throat?

4. Tyler, he took the bullet for the team. Twice.

5. Lexie. I wish she would appear to give some advice to Stefan on Elena, or to Caroline - the best Lexie 2.0 ever!


I'm so happy Vampire Diaries is back I have no words :D

Well... maybe one... DAMON!


Epic episode! Loved it. Some good stories developing and exciting new characters.

Can I just say I actually really like how Julie Plec and the other writers have written this love triangle. They have built up the characters and relationships really really well which is kind of a rare thing in television these days (see : 90210 where not a single romance was ever built up and therefore means very little).
They have to make it believable and tease the audience for as long as possible. It makes the payoff more exciting! Besides, some shows fall apart when their "will they won't they?" couple gets together.

Now I can honestly tell that she is genuinely torn between both brothers (whereas a season ago you could see she liked damon but just in an intrigued by the badboy sort of way- not the way she loved stefan).

Just my opinion! :)


@Ann, you couldn't have said it better about Matt. I also don't understand why everybody blames him for Elena dying. He passed out, and it was Elena's choice to save him first. Why he should be redeeming himself at all, as if he was the one who killed Elena? I do understand he might feel indebted to her (since she sacrificed her life in order to save his), but that's only between the two of them, and Damon (or anyone else, for that matter) has no right to blame him for Elena's death.

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