The Vampire Diaries Review: The Hunger Shames

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That marks two spectacular episodes of The Vampire Diaries in a row, as "The Rager" delivered an impressive mix of action, mystery and character development.

Oh, right, and Phoebe frickin Tonkin!

But while my heart may be aflutter over my favorite former witch, Hayley didn't play too significant of a role this week. Instead, we were treated to the next step in Elena's evolutionary process, while delving deeper (and darker) into the new hunter in town.

That guy is a real jerk.

Klaus and Damon

Let's start overall with the revealing character moments, because there were many.

Rebekah was at her bitchiest, lashing out after being disregarded by Klaus on the Vampire Diaries Season 4 premiere. Call me a sucker for this gorgeous blonde and/or her accent, but something about Claire Holt's portrayal keeps Rebekah's vulnerability intact, even as she's temping Elena to commit murder right in the middle of her school day. (QUESTION: Is that why women always go to the bathroom together?)

She's just lonely and now perhaps she's found a similar soul. Can't say I saw an April/Rebekah alliance coming, but at least someone is looking into that sketchy fire.

Then there was Meredith, reading Damon like she were a psychologist as opposed to an ER doctor. He's proud, he's stubborn, he may let his pride ruin his closest relationships. That sounds about right, doesn't it? This also represented the most unrealistic moment of the hour, however. Because, come on, what woman would not want to be Damon Salvatore's partner in vampire crime?!?

While Damon was scheming to take down Connor, Stefan was bonding with Caroline. These two don't share nearly enough moments together. It was like Stefan was reading the mind of every viewer out there when he ran down the changes in Caroline since she transitioned.

Simply put, she's "good at being a vampire" and we all know how true that is. It's hard to think of a character on any show that has come as far as Caroline Forbes. She's funny, she's confident, she thinks Stefan should be a guest on The View.

In short, she's everything Stefan wants Elena to grow into - but he's afraid. He's ashamed of what that hunger did to him way back in the day and he doesn't want to go all Ripper on his loved ones again. It's an understandable concern, but this is the one place where the episode lost me.

Between Stefan asking Caroline to keep him in check... and Elena seeing Damon during her werewolf bite-based hallucinations... and then Elena turning to Damon for blood sucking lessons, it all came across like another forced way to prolong the love triangle. Why wouldn't Elena be asking Stefan to work with her? She must be aware of how he helped Caroline accept her new state. The man has experience as a teacher of new vampires and, oh, right: he's your boyfriend!

Communication, people. It's the key to any healthy relationship.

But "The Rager" was about far more than characters interacting with each other and spilling their guts (or, in Elena's case, trying NOT to spill the guts of others). There was serious action, from the opening WTF moment of Connor taking Tyler's venom to the hospital storage closet blast to Elena almost sucking the life out of Matt.

And there was a major mystery, one that not even Connor himself is familiar with. He's one of The Five?!? Do I smell a flashback episode next Thursday? (NOTE: even if this TVD promo doesn't depict it, SPOILER ALERT, the answer is yes.)

Correction, Rebekah, something wicked this way has already come. A greater evil, some pastors might say. But from where did he come? That's the question we're about to find out.

There were still some holes the show didn't bother filling in. When did Jeremy tell Damon that Connor talked to him at school? When did Damon give Elena the white oak, considering we last saw him deny the request? Why were two vampire wearing helmets while riding a motorcycle?

But those aren't huge complaints.

The installment made solid use of Jeremy for a change (told you I could be a bad ass!), while grounding the action and suspense in the emotions of the characters experiencing those events. Unlike Klaus' face upon witnessing those arrow markings, none of this should come as a surprise to Vampire Diaries fans. It's what the show has excelled in from the outset.

What did everyone else think?


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This episode wasn't all that great. I cannot believe they are messing with Elena and Stefan's relationship yet again. What the hell does Damon know about Elena being more like him than like Stefan. Elena is the most caring and loving person in the world and she is nothing like Damon and will hopefully never be like Damon. She is compassionate and cares about people just like Stefan is and she should have him help her instead of Damon. That scene of Damon telling Elena he will help her seemed so forced and fake.
Also, am so annoyed that every time Elena and Stefan try to get it on, something bad happens and they cannot. What the hell? Want to see some hot Elena and Stefan vamp sex already!


"Why were two vampire wearing helmets while riding a motorcycle?" - Thank you Matt Richental! I was thinking the exact same thing during that scene!

Allison berry barbieri

@Lici, No, he can't ingest if she's feeding from him but, according to past TVD lore, you can feed from someone wearing a bracelet with Vervain (like Ana did from Jeremy in the kitchen scene when he cuts his hand circa Season 1) or when you are wearing a necklace with Vervain (like Stefan did with Elena circa Season 1 when he was kidnapped and tortured by tomb vampires). Wearing it, in TVD world, just prevents compulsion. Ingesting it prevents feeding. I know too much about this show, wow. :-/


All of you are just assuming tyler cheated on caroline. Klaus made that assumption, tyler got mad. A guilty person will automatically try everything to deny. An innocent will not feel the need to clarify so strongly. Still all we know is she was helping tyler break the sire bond. You guys are all just jumping to conclusions.


My dislike 4 elena knows no bounds. That cheesy ass scene on the motorcycle SUCKED. Damon and klaus are awesome togvether. Die matt die. Love kick ass beks. I just love beks anyways. Sick of triangles. Let the freaking characters develop n stop makin.g so many triangles. All viewers are not teenagers with no world vision. Some of us like CHARACTERS


They're seriously making Tyler out to be a cheating, lying ass now just to prop up Klaroline? This is what happens in fanfiction, Plec, bad fanfiction. Was thinking the same, actually. Remember how upset Tyler was after he found Klaus' drawing of Caroline? That was after he came back, so if the writers stick to that story ... then Tyler-who-just-cheated-on-his-gf yelled at her just because of a PICTURE?! Really? Don't like that at all.

Fruit salad

I think this was perhaps the best episode of the season yet, but it's only good by TVD standars, there were still so many things bothering me, mostly Hailey. They're seriously making Tyler out to be a cheating, lying ass now just to prop up Klaroline? This is what happens in fanfiction, Plec, bad fanfiction. If you wanna break up Forwood to make your fangirl dreams come true, then please, make them break up for a reason! Also, I was so disappointed when I learnt that Matt wasn't dead... at first, when Rebekah was just standing there with his heart in her hand, I actually believed it, so imagine the letdown it was to learn that the bastard didn't even get a bruise... at least Elena tried to kill him. I choose to see this as foreshadowing.


@Allison: The answer is simple... Matt CAN'T use verbain because Elena is feeding from him. That's why. So, yes, anyone can compel him

Allison berry barbieri

@whathappened: Julie Plec has said that Katherine would never return while Klaus was around.

Allison berry barbieri

Agree totally with your assessment of why should would turn to Damon. And they have to keep the triangle going...premise of the show and all.

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