The Vampire Diaries: Hunting for Answers

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Stefan and Damon are NOT in a fight, people.

Sure, Elena fed off Damon's blood and, yes, Stefan is against that sort of thing. But the latter makes it clear to the former in the following clip from "The Five." He ain't mad!

Besides, there's something more important to focus on: the new hunter in town and whether or not he possesses supernatural abilities. Watch the brothers sort through his stuff in this clip, but, first, Damon has to take Elena to college...

The Vampire Diaries airs "The Five" this Thursday night on The CW. As always, visit TV Fanatic soon after the episode concludes for my complete review.

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I have still got hope that TVD will pick up from last season which was kinda..bleh...Bring back the glory days of season 1 and 2..


Calm down amanda.


It seems that every show has an 'off' season. I'm wondering if this will be theirs? I'm just getting really tired of Elena. I thought the 'poor Elena' crap would end with her becoming a vampire, but they are really dragging it out. Let's focus on someone else for a change because it seems that everyone is more interesting than her these days.


How can Elena even afford to go to College? Where she get the money if she isn't even holding a job?! But then again, if the writers did their jobs right, Elena would have dropped out of school in S3 to go work and take care of Jeremy, put him through school and take on the household responsibilities, not have Alaric do all that for them while she still goes to school and runs after the Salvatores asses and "cares".
And as for poor Stefan, the writers obviously favour Damon. It isn't fair at all.


If anyone needs to be axed from the show for being boring and nauseating then Elena should be the first to be kicked out cos very soon when we check up the word BORING in a thesaurus her picture will be right where the word appears. Ps Bonnie needs to be a damsel in distress asap so Damon can rescue her! Need some Bamon sparks :):):)


I for one think the writing is great. They have been giving us a lot of really touching and beautiful moments as well as a lot of crazy twists and turns! I bet they're just catering to what the fans want, which is Delena! Other characters get their stories too like Caroline, Tyler, and klaus. Boring and nauseating characters like Bonnie don't because, well, she's BORING! She has been since day one. She needs to go.


I hate it when dumb people watch smart shows. He can only hear the conversation if he tries. Remember when Caroline was learning to be a vampire she had to tune in, so to speak!!!!


Oh look Damon gets the best oneliners, course he'll get to be the hero, get the girl and everything by the writers and producers. Stefan gets to look stupid, lets the woman he loves die, rides a motocycle that didn't ever look real, can't hear who is on the phone yet he's a vampire and the rest of the crap writing. If I were Paul I'd be wonder wtf is going on with this show. Paul once your contract is up. Dude run from this show. It is f----- up with the way it treats you and the rest of the actors. Well other that Ian and Nina, those two get the royal treatment.


can Damon be any funnier "snatch ...erase..." dear lord those writers must just love their jobs!!!!!!!!!!!


He's not trying to hear

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The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Klaus: I was feeling benevolent.
Stefan: You're never benevolent.

You're the one whose getting me through this, no matter who teaches me how to feed.

Elena [to Stefan]

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