The Vampire Diaries: Casting for "Protective Parent"

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We will meet Bonnie's father on Season 4 of The Vampire Diaries. This has already been announced by Julie Plec.

But now we can seemingly break the news of that absentee dad's name, considering a casting notice that went out today which calls for an African-American man in his late 30s/early 40s named Rudy Owens.

The note described him as a "protective parent."

Serious Bonnie

Very few mentions of Bonnie's father have been made over the years, with the exception of a couple references to his displeasure of his daughter's involvement in witchcraft.

What will bring him into the picture this fall? It's unclear, but prepare to meet Rudy on Episode 10.

And prepare for Bonnie to take drastic, possibly life-altering action on Thursday's Vampire Diaries season premiere.

So... who should portray Bonnie's dad?

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I would say Morris Chestnut, Michael Ealy, Terrence Howard or Blair Underwood, but those actors are way too good to play a character that will likely get killed off in 2 episodes...right after Bonnie helps Elena and pays another "terrible price". Cedric the Entertainer is starting to make sense now.


Cheap plug


Finally Bonnie's father has woken up from his coma! Lol but seriudly after all the deaths and missing people this town has. You would think he would of been trying to protect his daughter around the 1st or 2nd season. No father of the year for this man!

David and sabrina 2014

I'm not sure who should mostly play the role of Bonnie's father but I can't wait for season 4 tomorrow. =D XD


Will Smith


"Protective Parent" - ahahahahahahahahaha!


why bother, bonnie's dad will die in 2-3 episodes tops like all the black people in this show who is not bonie. lol Also 3 season too late to cast this guy, you might start by giving bonnie a house first before a dad lol


It doesn't matter who they get to portray Bonnie's dad because he'll be treated as poorly as her mother was. Everything they do concerning Bonnie is done half-assed, this will be no different.

Fruit salad

Please. Mikael and Esther were protecting their children too, weren't they? And Bill, and John, even Giuseppe... 'protective' parents is nothing new. Especially when they're four seasons late!


Steven Williams would be awesome, but he's more likely to get the role of Bonnie's grandfather.

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