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The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 132

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Poor Matt Donovan. As practically the only human remaining among Vampire Diaries regulars, he's often on guard against such possibilities as, you know, being eaten by his friends.

Such is the winning theme of this week's Vampire Diaries Caption Contest entry, submitted by a reader named "Fran." Check out her submission below.

As always, thanks so very much to all who participated and we hope you aren't discouraged if you did not win. There's always next week... and the week after... and the week after that! We publish a new photo every Friday.

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Matt: Don't look at me like that. I didn't come here to be used as food.

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Elena: Oh crap, hide the alcohol, Damon's coming!


Caroline: Guys, for dinner I brought rabbit and sheep blood! - Sorry, Matt, in Season 4 there's really no point in stopping by KFC anymore.


Matt: Don't look at me like that. I didn't come here to be used as food.


Caroline:Don’t give me that look,Tick borne disease is no joking matter,I take it very seriously,So you better support TBDA!
Matt: Oh bite me!


Elena:I hear some noise outside?
Caroline: I think Elena should go check it out,coz lets face it,we are almost halfway through season 3 & she hasn’t been kidnapped once!


Caroline:So let me get this straight!my mom missed all my recitals,but she shows up on my 17thbirthday/death celebration,where we are drinking tequila in a crypt!Perfect!
Matt: Uh!I invited her..Surprise?!


matt:shit...witch one should i choose...?
elena:not me im taken.
care:me too.
matt: wha? not u to bitches im talkin bout damon and stefan (licks his lips rapidly) yummy.
(elena turns her head in disgust)
(caroline looks at matt and said)
i always new u were gay.


Elena: Wow,naked girls!
Matt: May be I should drink it?


caroline : i feel so buffy the vampire slayer right now , being in a crypt matt: caroline your a vampire , buffy was a vampire slayer , you know she slays your kind caroline : yeah but we are both blonde and hot


Matt: I like you ...
Caroline: Pervert, please, I'm spoken for, already!
Elena: Uh, I think he meant me.
Caroline: You wish.
Matt: Uh, actually, I was talking to Stefan ...
Caroline and Elena: :0 ...