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Will gets back in the game, Alicia becomes everyone's friend and Kalinda gets freaky with her husband in "And The Law Won."

This week on The Good Wife, Will returned to the courtroom for the first time since his suspension ended for a wrongful death suit against the Chicago Police department. This potentially lucrative judgement was one that the firm needed to win for its financial viability.

Living in Chicago area, I watched NATO summit protests live on television and saw the back-and-forth between the protesters and the police. While to my knowledge, nobody died during these protests, it created an authentic storyline for the show.

I appreciate that The Good Wife cases and politics tie to real world events and possibilities. It creates a realism and authenticity that isn't apparent on all shows. 

The Good Wife Season 4 Scene

Will Gambles and Wins

The case against the Chicago Police department was going well, as they offered a settlement of $800,000. Will decided to risk that and continue with the trial. Smart? Stupid? It's hard to know at that time.

Given the financial situation of the firm, I would have sided with the Trustee and taken it. The settlement was guaranteed money and a trial is always risky. You never know what could come up. And, in this case, they didn't. The case began to fall apart due to a broken engagement, potential depression and a inquisitive juror.

This is television and the show wants to create drama, but don't lawyers investigate before they get to trial? It makes sense if new evidence shows up or they need to look into testimony during a trial, but in this case Will should have been better prepared.

Will risked a decent settlement for not knowing the full story. The pink sticker thing came from a witness they should have already talked to and known about. In the end, Will was lucky that it all worked out due to the pink smiley button and got a $3.5 million settlement. Though they never did figure out what was going on with the jury.

Alicia is Everybody's Friend

Alicia is a nice person and a good lawyer, but it was interesting to see people drawn to her. The Trustee trusted her judgment and continually asked her about other employees when making his decisions about who would stay and who would go. He probably trusted her in part because of her discomfort in making a decision. She wouldn't be spiteful.

The relationship with Maddie Hayward was a bit more complicated. She seems intrigued by Alicia and her decision to stand by her man. When she asked Alicia to meet for drinks, she said that most people wanted something from her. I'm not convinced she doesn't want something from Alicia, too. She seems nice enough, but looks can definitely be deceiving. And Alicia's confusion about Maddie's intent of the invitation was a sign of the times. I loved that the writers went there; it worked well in the story and for the relationship.

Maddie's integration into Alicia's life with donating to Peter's campaign, denying the firm's rental relief request and then befriending her seems to go against her feminist nature. But perhaps I'm just not trusting enough. Alicia could use a good friend.

Maddie and Alicia

WTF, Kalinda?

I'm having a difficult time coming up with words regarding Kalinda and her husband. Seriously, what is she doing with him? He's like a bad drug that she can't give up; she knows he is dangerous and bad for her, but she keeps coming back for more.

Eating ice cream together? Really?!? That was creepier than their fights or sexual interactions. 

I don't like this Kalinda. She is distracted and not her formidable self. I hope that Alicia, Will or someone figures out what's going on and helps her. Otherwise, either Kalinda or her husband are going to end up seriously hurt or even dead.

The Good Wife

Alicia's decision to stick by Peter in his run for Governor makes sense to me. She doesn't want to hurt him and it's an amazing opportunity for him. I wasn't convinced they would get back together, but seeing them laughing on the bus changed that. 

Has Peter really changed? Maddie said she didn't think that was possible, but Peter said being in prison did it. I'm doubtful. In the premiere, he didn't even think before he went to his old ways and threatened the other State's Attorney.

His desire for power is still there. If anything, he has wised up and realized what he has to lose. If he thought he could get away with being with a hooker again, I have no doubt he'd do it. Right now, he is in a fight for the Governorship and his desire to win is greater than he need to exert control and power. If he wins, that dynamic would change.

I hope Alicia doesn't get sucked in with Peter's charm, because he will just hurt her all over again

Would you have taken the $800,000? Do you think Maddie has ulterior motives for befriending Alicia? Is Kalinda in for trouble with her husband? Share your thoughts in the comments!

And The Law Won Review

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