The Big Bang Theory Review: Homeostasis For Now

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Where are the laughs? Okay, there were a few, but something is just a bit off with The Big Bang Theory this season, as "The Decoupling Fluctuation" followed the mundane path of the premiere.

None of the stories worked for me: not the relationship woes, not Howard in space and especially not Stuart joining the group. While there were a few funny lines scattered throughout the 30 minutes, overall, it was lacking in the laughs department.

Sheldon Tries To Invervene

Why can't Penny and Leonard be happy for once? As soon as they get together, the writers  pull them apart. It's one thing for them to have issues in their relationship, but having Penny doubt their entire future is annoying.

I want to see them together in a real, committed, loving relationship for once. That can be funny! Amy and Sheldon's relationship is given more respect and that's saying a lot. The writers seem to running out of ideas, because they keep going back to old stories. Sheldon having to keep a secret again? Boring.

I was excited by the idea that we would get to see Howard in space. The potential fodder of space is being ignored for more of the same. Howard's relationship issues with Bernadette and his mother aren't new. The best they have is the other astronauts bullying him - why stay in space for that? He's been picked on plenty on Earth.

I'd love to see humor driven by the space station, the lack of gravity or interacting with the other astronauts in a confined space. The unique environment is being underutilized.Though Howards F-Loops face was worth a few chuckles. As was Sheldon's insistence at making walkie-talkie sounds during their video chat.

Stuart looks to be sticking around, since actor Kevin Sussman has been upgraded to a series regular on the show. It's nice for Raj to have someone to hang out with, but I hope he becomes more integrated into the group. He stuck out like a third wheel throughout the episode.

While that was probably supposed to be funny, I just felt bad for him. The Wolowitz-replacement jokes fell flat and the coffee and creamer one wasn't much better. As his character gets more rounded out, he should bring more laughs.

With all my complaining, there were some funny and touching moments. I've mentioned some above and a few more were the transformers conversation between Leonard and Sheldon, Leonard's puppy dog eyes, and Sheldon's visit to Penny's bedroom.

Sheldon's comment that he didn't want to see his friend hurt was one of the most sensitive things he has ever said. A little salty water may have accumulated in my eyes at that moment. He does have a heart.

Was I too tough on the episode? Or do you agree that The Big Bang Theory is missing its comedic mojo? I have my fingers crossed that the Penny and Leonard situation will correct itself with comedic gold!

There were a few humorous lines. Make sure to check out our The Big Bang Theory quotes for some laughs.


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I just hope that Raj can be happy this season, I'm getting really tired of this "Im so lonely" drama, and if they want to be bold and stop hinting he's kinda gay, just get him and Stuart together! I'm loving that couple, and I think they would be happy and funny together! they both need so much love! :) Penny being afraid of relationships is sooooo boring and tiring! The Shamy is the cutest thing, and Sheldon wanting to keep Leonard from harm is truly heartwarming for the self appointed half vulcan. Howard... dont care. More Raj being happy would be nice. (with Stuart lol)


It's time that Penny and Leonard "Put on their big girl/boy panties and deal with their "relationship" once and for all." Or is everyone in TV land this disfunctional? Sheldon needs to go. No normal person would deal with anyone on a regular basis that is so far out of reality, unless it was a well paying job. I will mute the sound whenever he has the dialog.


I am very happy with the review - for once, someone is speaking up and calling out the mediocrity this show has succumbed to. I completely agree with you about the recycled jokes, penny's flakiness (and the writers are forcing me to hate her now - what's with her mimicking leonard's expression? since when has she gotten mean and condescending?) and the hopelessly underutilized space station situation. adding people to the series regular list is NOT the soln to the lack of storylines the writers are clearly facing. this is not the big bang theory i fell in love with. and it seems like it won't get better in the weeks to come either. thanks for the review - i'm glad to see people are talking abt the show's un-funniness.


I was hoping penny would say i love u instead of wanting to break up. I am tired of the wishy washy penny. I am tired of them dragging it out. Leonard is a great guy, with a great job penny,wise up! Plus he loves u madly. Stop dating the losers and realize you have no future with them.


Wow, tough critics. As soon as this episode started, I was totally satisfied that they were back on track. Lat week's opener was slow, but, that's good. You wouldn't want to blow all the good stuff first, and then have a lackluster season, like the Cubs. BTW, my new fave Big Bang Theory line, ever,'Penny, please don't hurt my friend'. No, it's not funny. So what !


The Penny-Leonard thing is a downer - and the sad part is that they're funniest when they're happy together. There's always been a nice, easy banter between them. ("Leonard gots to get paid.") Leonard is too nice a guy for them to have any real issues other than Penny's boredom. They can't even work up any funny arguments, and their arguents are rarely funny, anyway. We've already watched them break up once. Do we have to wacth them do it again? And the space station thing is a fizzle. Toilet jokes? Come on. There was only one funny space toilet joke, and that was in "2001: A Space Odyssey."


I found this episode to be good. I thought Howard would be back from space last episode but oh well. Stuart was a bit weird... Amy and Bernadette were the highlights for me, as was Sheldon's infamous knock in Penny's bedroom! I think it has just started a bit slow. Next episode looks promising, with Amy jealousy (Mayim Bialik is PERFECT for this role!) Although I am most excited for episode FOUR, where Howard comes back from space and there is a Boys vs Girls competition! Hilarity WILL continue!


I liked this episode, even if the "secret" story was already done in second season, but here was treated in a different way so is a little "new"...
Yes, I think they're working too much on Leonard/Penny story, I don't like all this "yes... no... but... yes" from Penny, is annoying; instead I really love how they are going on (slowly) with the Shamy story, they are really cute together.
Leonard's puppy eyes were priceless!
Waiting for the real bang of this season.


I'm giving this show one more episode if it looks like they are going to break up L & P again I'm can they have Penny break his heart again.....the way the write her is so annoying she loves him but doesn't love him it's just plain silly. I completely agree with this weeks reveiw so much is lacking this season so far...not very funny and can we please have these relationships grow like people do....


I love The Big Bang Theory but (as most shows), I think the writers are running out of ideas. I do not want to see Leonard and Penny break-up and I think it would be funny if Sheldon and Amy got into a (more) steamy relationship. There relationship is getting a bit boring. I love Howard in space and his mother and wife rivalry. (that's funny). I am not sure about the new character because you always see him in the comic book store. They will need to integrate him into the group more.

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Sheldon: Wolowitz when to MIT. What's your educational background?
Stuart: I went to art school.
Sheldon: Equally ridiculous. Let's go.

Whenever I'm around Sheldon, I feel like my loins are on fire. In the good way. Not in the urinary tract infection way.