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I also think WHM has/had a relationship with Emily's mother.


I liked this ep. Nolan,s great! Jack,stop boring,do something,I like you!


I think that WHM fell in love with Emily's mom. Call me crazy but I really think something went on between them. In s1 finale he said that she must get her spunk from her mother. He clearly knows the mother to make that statement. Also he was supposed to kill her, but he didn't. Maybe something about her reminded him of something. No one is born evil, they are created- look at Once for proof. Also why would he kill Emily unless it serves in his best interest that Emily's mother not find out about her. Yes it could be so Americon plot does not get out, but it could also mean something more. Should be interesting to see unfold.

An amazing ep, can't wait for the next one!!! Come one sunday!


I thought Nolan's storyline was pretty lame. I love Nolan, but this storyline and the overacting of the new CEO was not pretty. I hope they don't screw up Nolan by making him into a second Declan.

I agree with Nala about Emilys mom - she was clearly kidnapping her daughter in the first flashback... does anyone know if Kara and Bitchtoria are going up against each other later on? That would surely be nice!


Oh double standards, how I love thee, I guess this was worse than half of Gossip Girl kitsch then, I take it?

Anyway, for me it was pretty much perfect episode for purely the reason that Emily for once did not exactly get what she wants - her plans were turned around and she did not achieve a rift between Victoria and Charlotte. I doubt she will stop trying though.

the only small annoyance in the episode was that Emily had to be saved from white-haired man. I would rather preferred her to defend herself, but I guess writers for some reason want to keep her free from murdering someone. Oh well, and that still is not enough for this brilliant episode to go down to 3.5, because brilliant episode was brilliant.


Nolan is my hero


3.5 ? Seriously Steve ? Seriously ?


Good episode. Not the best but they can't all be. Slower until the end when things got real interesting. Can't believe white haired guy went down so easily but hope we can learn more about Aidan next.


I love Victoria...she's so sinister and you never know what she's going to do next. I don't read spoilers so I probably missed something, but: I know Emily's mom is mental, but besides that she doesn't seem that innocent either... I'm looking forward to learn more about her!


I love Nolan quote about Victoria being a scary movie you cannot watch before you go asleep. I wonder when will Daniel figure out Ashley scheme because he is the most clueless person in the house. I want to know why WHM did not kill Emily because of Victoria but will kill her because of her mom.

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