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Revenge Photo Preview: A Wedding For the Ages!

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On the November 4 episode of Revenge, Conrad and Victoria will tie the knot once again.

The event will be decadent, but as we know with the Graysons, it's always an "Illusion."

Having already shown you Victoria's wedding dress, we've now posted 30 more images from the episode, which brings the whole cast together for an event that promises drama, intrigue, scandal and mind-altering plot twists.

Even by Revenge standards! Here's one particularly buzz-worthy shot:

Emily and Daniel Photo

Among the other interesting developments this photo gallery hints at:

  • Aiden keeping a very close watch on Emily ... and Ashley.
  • A sweet-looking mother-son dance at the ceremony.
  • Nolan and Padma, color-coordinated in blue.
  • Conrad getting ARRESTED.

Click to enlarge the photos and share your comments below!

  • Shocked Daniel
  • Calling the Authorities
  • At Victoria's Wedding
  • Padma and Nolan
  • Mmm Mmm
  • Victoria's Next Move
  • Wedding Cake
  • Conrad Up to No Good
  • Conrad Handcuffed!
  • Ash and Aiden
  • Ashley and Aiden Dance
  • Emily, Daniel and Aiden
  • Aiden at the Wedding
  • Ashley and Aiden
  • Padma and Daniel
  • Nolan, Padma and Aiden
  • Aiden and Emily at the Wedding
  • Daniel and Emily Dance
  • Daniel and Emily Exchange Words
  • A Wedding Scene
  • Mother-Son Dance
  • Mother and Son Dance
  • At C & V's Wedding
  • Mr. and Mrs. Grayson!
  • Drinks?
  • Ash as Ash
  • First Dance!
  • Victoria Dances With Daniel
  • Victoria Wedding Photo
  • Victoria Grayson Wedding Dress

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I do like Daniel and Emily together, but I'm interested to see thing play out with Aiden. They have good chemistry and a backstory to explore. She and Daniel can wait, there needs to be more build up anyway. I'm kind of bored with Jack at this point and it is better he is with fauxAmanda right now...or maybe forever?


Daniel and Emily have bad chemistry together! He looks at her like she is the ONLY woman in the room! Are they dating in real life??? They are such a cute couple! PLEASE WRITERS GIVE THEM ANOTHER CHANCE. Jack and Emily don't have half the chemistry that Daniel/Emily have, he can stay with faux Amanda and play BABYDADDY!

Anna maria

Yayy! Em and Daniel BELONG together!!


I hope this is the beginning of a new relationship for them. I love love love them together!!!! The whole relationship is full of contradictions but it really works!!


Yay!! Daniel and Emily.. they need to be together.
not a fan of ashley but really wanna see her importance to the whole plot..

Leon alexis

What is wrong with you people?!?! Why don't you like Jack? Daniel is just a little mom's boy. Someday,Jack and Emily will be together, I hope!




Looking sooo good! Emily looks AMAZING! The guys look HOT! Only Ashley's dress reminds me of the ugliest and cheapest dress ever....


Can we also just talk about how amazing Emily looks in that Red dress and how Crappy Ashley's dress is :) Good job wardrobe


YES!!!! Daniel and Emily!!!! Want them back together!