Parks and Recreation Review: Fixing Potholes

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Leslie Knope continues on her bumpy, humiliating road to saintdom in tonight's episode "How a Bill Becomes a Law." 

While the episode was, of course, reliably comical, we again get to see Leslie put her wants, needs and pride on the line in order to do something for the good of the community. I love that this series makes Leslie just the right amount of clueless. Earlier in the sitcom, they leaned too far to one side of naivete, but now it has found its balance and Leslie is endearing, not unrealistically ignorant.

Leslie Takes a Dip

While I thought this season's premiere and last week's "Soda Tax" were funnier, this installment gave me Ben's Star Trek: Next Generation fan fiction and his mix CD, "Benji's Cool Times Summer Jamz Mix." It's available on Spotify and it's a perfectly amazing mix of 90s nostalgia hits. Comes highly recommended.

April and Ben finally becoming closer is a great angle. Because they each miss their respective partner, it seems natural they'd gravitate toward one another (as friends) and getting stuck in a car with each other was a fun way for us to see their friendship develop. April's face as Ben read his fan fiction was priceless.

Ah, Ron Swanson. Give the man a power drill and let's just watch him work. I read that Lucy Lawless, who played Diane, is a huge fan of Parks and Recreation. Loved her role tonight and will definitely root for Ron to be with someone less destructive than Tammy 1 or Tammy 2. And I'm fairly sure I can picture Ron being surprisingly great with kids. Let's hope she sticks around.

Can't say I missed Ann tonight in her absence. Without her, we got to watch Leslie run around the Parks department with a half permed head of hair which made Councilman Milton hitting on her all the more bizarre. Also great? The subtle 50 Shades jokes from Donna. Although I wish Leslie would be forced to read that book just so I could hear her opinions on Christian Grey and Anastasia. I'm sure she'd hate Ana as much as I did. 

Unfortunately, the Porpoise storyline fell a little short for me. I was crossing my fingers that with kids involved, we could have another episode like "Pawnee Rangers" and that didn't quite happen. Mostly because I didn't find the bathroom humor all that amusing and the episode seemed to rely quite heavily on the audience finding Councilman Jam hilarious.  But because this is Parks and Recreation, even the episodes that aren't completely perfect are still twice as funny as nearly anything else on television. 

Enjoy your week. I'll be listening to my new favorite Summer Jamz Mix. 

How a Bill Becomes a Law Review

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Parks and Recreation Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Councilman Jam: I'm gonna drop my liquids in here and drop my solids down the hall.
Leslie: Ew, no.
Councilman Jam: Okay. Your loss.
Leslie: How?

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