Parks and Recreation Review: Charm and Crabs

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Count on Leslie Knope to do the right thing. Even if that right thing is tossing out condoms to senior citizens as if they're peanuts at a baseball game. 

On tonight's "Sex Education," the spotlight is shone on to one of the funnier community issues: sexually transmitted diseases among an older population.  However, one reason Parks and Recreation is such a wonderful show is because even while the series is hilarious, it's also tackling some important problems in our community.  

While the "Tom can't use technology" and sex education stories worked, I feel that the "Ann loses her individuality and dresses like her boyfriends" story felt a little contrived. It doesn't help that Ann's lines are typically the least comedic of any episode. When Ann says, "God, I'm off my comeback game right now," all I could think was if she's ever actually been on top of her comeback game!

Leslie's Sex Ed Class

This episode really got me with Tom's first world plight.  And I am completely guilty of it myself. My eyes are barely open when I start checking my email in the morning and the screen time I put in as an avid television viewer is other worldly. I love that he wanted to check with Web MD about his splinter; in fact, every observation Tom made about G-Chat, Twitter, and Wikipedia were so on point. But poor Tom! Sounds like all this technology is masking some sadness. What's my excuse?

Ron handing him the non-electronic book was perfect. As was him telling Tom to go speak to Leslie if he needs anything. Just when this show looks like it might be too saccharin, it comes though with something a bit more punchy.

April and Ben thinking the congressman was a robot was funny, but I liked their road trip better. Mostly because it came with a mixed CD. 

Leslie continues to impress me by following her conscious, even when it comes to breaking the law. And let's hear it for Andy, correcting Leslie's "ornery" with "horny!" Despite Andy's consistently dumb remarks, he's never come off as one-dimensional and I think that's because he has such heart. 

Condoms for everyone! Until next week, fans, read through our updated section of Parks and Recreation quotes.

Sex Education Review

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