Once Upon a Time Review: A Heroic Quest

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Once Upon a Time is like a drug. It has the magic you just can't quit. Even though Emma and Snow, my two favorite characters, didn't have a scene until the very end, somehow I barely noticed. 

"We Are Both" still managed to keep me riveted. 

Young Regina

Grumpy and the dwarves were once again the Royal Guard and in their quest to protect their prince, they did the unthinkable: They sent one of their own over the Storybrooke border. Unfortunately, Snotty Sneezy, won't remember the results because all fairy tale memories are erased once on steps over the line.

Wasn't it great to see Charming finally be... Charming. I know David exists within Charming, but I'd be happier if that part of him remained hidden for the rest of the series. The man just looks so much better with a sword in his hands.

With Rumple's help, Charming managed to track down Jefferson. They don't call him the Mad Hatter for nothing. The man really isn't quite right. You'd think he might be happy now that he at least has a chance with his daughter, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Speaking of Rumple, why was he so angry about not being able to leave Storybrooke? I'm guessing that perhaps he had plans to leave and find his son. And Belle was notably absent this week, which is a shame since overall Rumple seemed like he was trying to be good.

I never would have guessed that Rumplestiltskin's relationship with the Queen went back that far. It's actually kind of heartbreaking to watch the transformation of Regina from an innocent young girl into the Evil Queen we know today.

When she shoved her mother through that looking glass, it was just one more step towards becoming her. The Regina we now know is so very sad that it's hard to hate her. I give Lana Parrilla a huge amount of credit for making me feel empathy towards such an evil character.

Does anyone believe that Regina can be redeemed? She obviously wasn't always evil but now magic is her drug. She couldn't burn that book. She simply set it aside for a while.

The entire town of Storybrooke was entertaining to watch while it struggled to come to grips with this new reality. Red has really taken charge as she pushes Charming to be the leader, even if he isn't always sure of himself. As he explained to Red in this Once Upon a Time quote

I did the fighting. Snow did the talking. | permalink

Elsewhere, Grandma's got her crossbow and she's not afraid to use it. Archie's trying to counsel everyone and Grumpy and the dwarves are off to find some pixie dust for their fallen comrade.

All of that was enough to make me forget about Snow and Emma…almost. As if being dragged across a strange land and thrown into a pit weren't bad enough, now they have to deal with the Evil Queen's mommy. I think they're in trouble.

All of it just solidifies that season two of Once Upon a Time is more thrilling, compelling and enjoyable than ever.


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Just wanted to add 2 things: 1) It's amazing how adding braids to a hairstyle, and a center part, can make a woman look 10 years younger.
2) Watching Snow tackle Aurora in that final scene was fun. Princess Smackdown!


So I just checked IMDB.com, and the episode that will air on the 28th of this month is called The Doctor. Just saying, we only have to wait less than a month before we find out who Dr. Whale is!!!! ;-D


As for Dr. Whale, I was thinking that since nobody knows him he wasn't in a human form before the curse. Referring to his name, mayble Moby-Dick or the whale from the Pinoccho tale?


I think the man from the beginning of ep.1 was Rumplestiltskin's son and I think he needs to go to Storybrook in order to save his father. Plus, someone needs to find Pinocchio for his father. This ep. was good so keep it up!


@Dale - The question of who is Dr. Whale has been driving fans crazy. His one character trait consistent with both worlds is that he's a horny slut. "Are the nuns still nuns, or can they date?" Greek and Roman gods tend to be that way. The god Apollo is associated with medicine and healing. Plus, it would be consistent that Charming isn't his prince because he's one himself. Zeus would be his father. I can't wait to find out though! OK, I'm done speculating.


@KansasGuest - Yes, watching Josh Dallas be Charming is pretty awesome. There are two people on the show who have to show completely different personalities: Charming/David, and pre-magic-Regina/evil Regina. These actors do it SO well. I used to hypothesize about the show, who was who, why who did what, but I find it so much more enjoyable now just to watch it and be surprised.


i honestly got goosebumps when it was cora that walked out of the pit! and i think when mary margret wakes up shell recognize cora. she knows that that woman is the reason why regina hates her so and she loved regina so much when regina was younger. btw how awesome was young regina?! makes it so hard to hate her when you know that if we got to know young regina before older regina we would have loved her equally to some of the other characters and it would have broke our hearts to watch her change. which i believe she will. i think pinochio is up and moving now and him and gepp just missed each other. i thought maybe some of the other people did in fact recongize snow. i thought we were gonna have a good moment but then ms bad ass came out to play (go snow!) and got herself knocked out. i bet if nothing else lancelot knows who she is cause she asks him in the preview "lancelot? from the round table?" and he says not anymore so obviously she knows of him. maybe he knows of her too. cant wait till next week! how freaking AWESOME was charming btw with his speech!!!


Also Reginas mother was transported to another world, therefore she shouldnt be in fairytale world. So does that mean Emma and MM are not in fairytale world but another world? If it is fairytale world how did Reginas mother get there? I think Reginas mother is the Queen of hearts and so Emma and MM have been transported to that world, whatever it is.


Trying to work out a timeline so i can work out how old rumples son is. With my reckoning so far, baring in mind that rumples son would have aged in the real world unlike those in storybrooke. The fact that the evil queen wasnt the queen when he got transported to this world, at least thats what i think but i could be wrong. Overall i would say that he is in his 40's? Apart from struggling with the timeline this was another great episode of the show. In addition did anyone notice Dr. Whales grin when Charming gave the speech at the border. Dont know what that means or who he is but i hope we find out this season.


I think this was a great episode. It shows how power corrupts. Regina is a character that is hard to hate, even though she lies and manipulates when she is not acting downright evil. She has a bit of humanity still, and that is what allows us to empathize with the evil queen who has tried not to become just like her mother, but who is on the path to do just that. She is miserably unhappy and lonely, as though when Daniel died, the best of her died too. Henry seems to be her best chance to redeem herself and learn to love again. It's a great show, and I look forward to it every Sunday night.

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