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I don't believe Cora possesses the ability to fashion magical constructs for portal-jumping; so far, only the Hat and Rumpel possesses such skills. If you remember Hat Trick, the QoH was quite interested in knowing how Jefferson was able to enter Wonderland. It's probably that Jefferson eventually did make a Hat work and he and Cora traveled back to the Enchanted Forest. It would explain how Jefferson was cursed in Storybrooke.

It could also explain why Aurora's kingdom was "protected" from the full effects of the Dark Curse as Cora, as it has been shown so far, possesses that kind of power. Rumpel, Maleficient, and the Blue Fairy were cursed, so it could not have been them.



It was mentioned during the Cinderella episode; specifically how the cage was built in the mines. It could also be due to the Blue Fairy's magic binding Rumpel's magic when he signed the new contract with Ella.


I find it interesting that Cora literally means "heart" so I am inclined to think that she is the Queen of Hearts, though she is apparently present in more than one world. Regina literally means Queen. I think there is eventually going to be a big battle between Regina and Cora. It may take some time, but I like how all the stories and characters get tied together. It makes for a most entertaining show.


I liked this episode...didn't love it. I'm really, really interested into Regina's past with Rumple!!! I'm quite confused about Cora. I was convinced that she was the Queen of Hearts and after Regina pushed her through the glass i became sure and then she shows up in Fairytale Land. How? Plus the Qoh was covering her face...she must have had a reason... But Cora looks ok.
August is probably looking for Gepeto, while he's doing the same thing. I don't understand why Jefferson hasn't reunites with his daughter. He's as miserable as ever.
I'm afraid Rumple getting mad has sth to do with Belle. I don't think that him leaving Storybrooke would have any effect on him. He doesn't have a Storybrooke persona. So...has Belle wandered out of the borders? Oh...I'd be shuttered :(


@Ace -
Can you refresh my memory on that if there was anything special about it? How were Charming's forces able to keep him contained? Was he without magic temporarily due to the dagger? With the power he had, it seemed crazy he was able to keep him up, though I thought the queen was who had him locked up?


@Tiffany O

It's probably the same way how Rumpel was imprisoned by Charming's forces.


They could have locked her up out of fear... but someone that powerful, how would they have been kept locked up?

Some holes in that, of course, but I think there's definitely room for how her & Jefferson got over & where/when.


Aaaand one more thought. Remember Jefferson was trapped in Wonderland thanks to Regina taking her father back instead - that's how he became the Mad Hatter.

Cora very well COULD have been the Queen. And Jefferson could have succeeded in opening a portal and that could be how she came back.

Otherwise, how on earth did Jefferson get to Storybrooke if he wasn't in their fairy tale land? Cora would probably have had to find it later (as QoH) and thinking she was getting to the fairy tale land, and because it had already been destroyed, she ended up in the same place as Snow and Emma. Unless she somehow ended up there ANYHOW pre-curse, coming back with Jefferson immediately, and her presence in that corner of their land was what stopped the curse? She could have recognized Regina's magic (they both have purple smoke) and being as powerful as she is, stopped it from hitting that land. They could have locked her up out of fear... but someone that powerful, how would they have been kept locked up?

Some holes in that, of course, but I think there's definitely room for how her & Jefferson got over & where/when.


I had never thought of the QoH theory, but that makes perfect sense. Cora was not in their land anymore. And that could explain how Regina's dad got (kidnapped?) there.

So - how did she end up where she was? Or, did the curse transport her too, just not to where they went?

I LOVE Regina. I would love to see this unfold: Cora comes back as the MEGA baddie so we get to see Regina be good. I don't think she will/should STAY that way for the sake of the show, but it would be an amazing thing to watch.

Not sure how I feel about Mulan and Aurora - just don't care about them yet.

I DEFINITELY, POSITIVELY have felt since the start of season 2 that Regina is the baby that Rump SHOULD have gotten but didn't.

I am thinking Rumple was planning on finding Baelfire and that's why he was so upset. I really don't know who I think the guy who got the postcard was - I think there are a ton of red herrings in that one. And, no bleeping idea who Whale is lol.


You know...I was wondering where mamma went when she was pushed through that mirror by her li'l ole daughter? And now we know...she lives in the back of a dark prison with...OH NO! She's there with Snow and Emma. I just hate that for them and surely she's not there to help but I have a sneaking suspicion that she would LOVE to get a little revenge on that daughter of dare she toss me through a portal like that! So, maybe that will provide a way back (of sorts) for Emma and Snow, evil though it may be. Or she could simply choose to torture them where she is-either way I don't think they will be exchanging pleasantries now attending any balls together. Way to go Henry and not fall for Regina's desperate plea. She deserves to be alone, it's just too bad she's alone with that book of magic only a key-turn away. I DO love the way they keep bringing in more and more of our beloved fairy tale characters that not only provide grist for the writing mill but a sight for eyes gladdened by this show and its never-ending quest for happily ever after...NOT!

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