Once Upon a Time Photo Preview: Who's That Mystery Man?

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Ready to Swan diving, Once Upon a Time fans? Or Swan delving, we should say?

On the November 4 episode of this ABC favorite, we jump back in time with Emma and watch her meet up with a fellow thief who - according to the official network synopsis - "wants to make an honest woman out of her."

And just who is that thief? A certain mystery man who kicked off Once Upon a Time Season 2 by receiving a message about the broken curse. Hmmmm... who is this guy? See him back in action now:

Emma and a Mystery Man
Swan Diving
Smiling Swan

Elsewhere on "Tallahassee," Emma will take a journey with Captain Hook and encounter a murderous giant played by Lost's Jorge Garcia.

Have any theories on the identity of the man above? Send them in now and also check out the official Once Upon a Time preview for this Sunday's "The Doctor," but be warned: it reveals the identity of Dr. Whale.

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I'm sure its probably Baelfire or someone from Storybrooke or related somehow. He has to be Henry's father. It does seem obvious but we'll see. Time will tell.

Ronald simkins

I agree that it is Baelfire and possibly Henry's dad. It is nice to see Michael Raymond-James back on the tube after the excellent Terriers was cancelled.


Heis a shady character, since Neal Cassidy was a seen as a con-man and or a thief. It is said that he didn't want to grow up, so he's either Peter Pan or a 'Lost Boy' by the name of Jack (Jack and the Beanstalk).


Agreed... it seems a bit too obvious that it is Rumple's son Belfire and possibly Henry's Dad... the weird thing is... He is supposed to be over a decade older than Emma... If Emma had a kid at 18... Bel should have been in this 30s...


It's baelfire AND Henry's dad!

Matt richenthal

@Hookified(dande): I agree!


It have to be Baelfire.

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