NCIS Review: Medal of Honor and a Ferrari

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Beware: If you take a borrowed Ferrari for a joy ride, you may get mistaken for the owner and be shot to death.

Then, NCIS may not even consider the possibility of a mistaken identity until after they find the killer and are looking for a motive. 

Ducky, Jimmy

The course of the NCIS investigation seemed off to me. As soon as NCIS found out that Colin Boxer took the car for a joy ride, I assumed that he was killed by mistake. Maybe I've just watched too many procedural shows, but a fancy car like that draws attention.

For that reason, the hour didn't really work for me. The investigation followed the path of the gun, but there was nothing tying Kim Taylor or her brother, Kris, to Boxer. They looked into Colin Boxer a little and found the bookie, Joey Zambrano, as a possible suspect, but  didn't lead anywhere.

Yet, they never looked into the billionaire, Vijay Chaya. It wasn't until Kris identified his roommate, Alec Dell's motorcycle that they tracked down a connection to Vijay.

Vijay was a bit creepy too, wasn't he? I loved the way that Abby rejected his advances. She was wearing a very cute outfit, as usual. As fun as a trip to St. Croix for a meal could be, she was right to turn him down.

As disappointed as I was in the investigation, the motive for the murder was also a bit flimsy. It's possible that a college student like Dell would kill the owner of a company that stole his idea and was going to make millions off of it, but it just seemed to come out of nowhere. 

The trap Gibbs put into motion to trap Dell was nice end to the case. The kid was definitely going to need money and it fed into his ego and desire for recognition for the product that he created. Too bad he won't be able to spend the money.

Two Gibbs, Two Leroys

While investigating the case, Tony saw a Congressional Medal of Honor at the pawn shop and questioned the owner about it. Since she couldn't legally buy it, she lent the owner $3,000 for it to help him out. 

The owner was Gibbs' "Namesake" Leroy Jethro Moore. I'm surprised that Gibbs never ran into Moore over all those years of being in the military and living so close to each other. But they hadn't seen each other since Gibbs was in high school.

This reunion was touching for Gibbs, his father and Moore. After so many years apart, the truth came out and they were able to put it aside and move on. Moore is no longer all alone without family and perhaps Jackson Gibbs won't be alone in Stillwater any longer either.

This was a nice tribute to the Montford Point Marines, who were awarded the Congressional Gold Medal on June 27, 2012.


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I agree not the best episode ever but it's always nice to see Ralph Waite on the show. Can't think of anyone better to play Gibbs father. I too am sure they're working up to some exciting future episodes.
As for Tony, being an only child he never got the chance to pick on a brother or sister so enter McGee and Ziva, likely candidates for his childish pranks. I would like to see him a little more serious but not totally because he is so good at comedy. Still love this show.


Wanda - SPOT on!! I couldn't agree more. Aside from the one "Tony only fan" who keeps changing their "name" on here, I agree that MOST fans like to see a balanced MIX on the show. NOBODY wants to tune in to see a 43 year old wannabe Playboy trying to constantly relive his troubled youth by pretening he's still an X-rated Peter Pan, as Kate accurately used to call him. Pathetic, indeed!! We are SOOOO done with that on NCIS!! Ziva is one of THE best, most exciting things that has EVER happend to the show, and even Mr. Harmon said that recently. I would NEVER watch NCIS if only "one" character was featured more than the others, and neither would anyone else!!


It's really not MW's fault that the writers go out of their way to make him obnoxious and the butt of every joke. Even the so called Tony centric episodes aren't particularly flattering. He's actually quite wonderful in the few decent scenes written for him, and does amazingly well with the usual crap written for his character. Ziva, on the other hand is flattered several times per episode, has all the tragedy and action, and yet is still lame all by herself. The character can't carry off a subtle story line so they all have to be full of action, super girl moments, explosions, gun battles, and new personal tragedies. Otherwise, she's as dull as dishwater.


Agree with Dani, Kath & Nat; you 3 have hit on what MOST fans probably feel about NCIS. I'm not ashamed to say that I was bored by parts of this ep. It wasn't one of the more memorable ones, & the case WAS indeed weak!! That's been happening a lot; it's almost like the writers take greater care with the "big" ones like SP or SF, but the in-between eps get crappy writing. And Dani you're SOOOO right about Tony. He doesn't NEED anymore attention, and personally MOST fans are starting to get sick of him, and his antics. Tony's problem is that he's boring by himself. He's MUCH more entertaining feeding off of McGee, and DEFINITELY great whenever he shares the spotlight w/ Ziva -an AMAZING Duo..the best I've seen on TV in ages!! And if I were Tim, I would have PUNCHED Tony right in his face for his butthole behavior ind taking his food. How MUCH more childish can Tony get at age 43??! Pathetic!!


Agree with Mel. Tony got almost no focus aside from the infrequent one and done episode from seasons 5 - 9. He hasn't had anything yet this season and even when an episode is touted as Tony centric, half the time it's more team oriented while Gibbs and Ziva still wind up with the most flattering writing. MW is many fans favorite, but I have read posts from many of his fans who either no longer watch the show, or are losing interest, because even though he gets second billing ALL of the big, multi episode, most dramatic stories ALWAYS go to Gibbs or Ziva. I guess that's great if these two are your favorites, but Tony fans mostly get Tony involved in a B or C plot, cast as the idiot, inferior agent.


@Kath; I agree with you and Nat - the case WAS the weakest part. I got distracted while watching it -it did not keep my attention. Also I disagree with Mel. Sorry Mel, but if you've been paying attn since "S5", you should know that Tony has actually SHARED the focus with literally EVERY major cast member - whether co-sharing with Ziva, Gibbs, or even McGee. And S8 was LARGELY the "Season of Tony" - especially by mid-to-end season, when EJ (who EVERYONE hated) showed up. One Last Score was a shameless "Tony tribute", and MW certainly put HIS character in the best light possible. Tony has had PLENTY of attention; I'd like to see Tim/Abby get some more now.


@NCIS Fan re: Abby's outfit I thought it was a Halloween costume.


@ Sue Ann
Rank: Recurring Character
November 1st, 2012 2:47 AM It was made clear early in the series that Gibbs wants to use hand tools to do his wood-working, not power tools. He would never accept, nor ever use, Well, Sue Ann, or whoever you are, the Shopsmith Gibbs bought roughly approximates all the tools I mentioned, except for the planer. So your statement is false. And a wood lathe has already been shown in the basement. Its all moot. I've figured out what he's making.


Kath, I disagree that the past two seasons were Tony heavy. S8 Tony had one ep, Baltimore, where his character took center stage, and one ep, False Witness,where Tony had a good amount of the B story(although it was more of a team ep). That's it. S9 Tony had a bit more focus, I agree,but after having little focus for five seasons (since S4), I hardly think that's unfair. The Tony character has been with the show since the very begining, Michael Weatherly is given second billing, so I would expect more focus than his character got in S5 thru 8, actually. That said, I think the show does try to spread the wealth as far as the main characters go. Gibbs will always take center stage. Ziva had a good amount of attention in S6 and 7, and has the bulk of spoilers so far for S10. I do think fans of Abby, McGee and Jimmy have legit complaints as far as their contribution to the show, but so far this season we've gotten a bit more McGee and Abby, so maybe this will get better. I like all the characters, personally,so am happy to see them all get a chance to shine.


@Kath Why do you think the last two seasons were overwhelming emphasis on Gibbs, Tony and Vance? I can kind of see Gibbs but the last time we had a good tony storyline at that time was season 4 and it was not till Michael Weatherly was thinking about quitting NCIS that they finally did a back-story on him. As for Vance he still a new character to the show and there so much we still don't know about him so of course we are going to see some stuff on him not as much as we did Jenny but some. However I do agree with you that I think they learn their mistake from season 7 which was the Tiva season and that there should not be a whole season about ONE character even though NCIS has so far been a disappointment these season I have a feeling it’s going to pick up.

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