NCIS Review: Medal of Honor and a Ferrari

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Beware: If you take a borrowed Ferrari for a joy ride, you may get mistaken for the owner and be shot to death.

Then, NCIS may not even consider the possibility of a mistaken identity until after they find the killer and are looking for a motive. 

Ducky, Jimmy

The course of the NCIS investigation seemed off to me. As soon as NCIS found out that Colin Boxer took the car for a joy ride, I assumed that he was killed by mistake. Maybe I've just watched too many procedural shows, but a fancy car like that draws attention.

For that reason, the hour didn't really work for me. The investigation followed the path of the gun, but there was nothing tying Kim Taylor or her brother, Kris, to Boxer. They looked into Colin Boxer a little and found the bookie, Joey Zambrano, as a possible suspect, but  didn't lead anywhere.

Yet, they never looked into the billionaire, Vijay Chaya. It wasn't until Kris identified his roommate, Alec Dell's motorcycle that they tracked down a connection to Vijay.

Vijay was a bit creepy too, wasn't he? I loved the way that Abby rejected his advances. She was wearing a very cute outfit, as usual. As fun as a trip to St. Croix for a meal could be, she was right to turn him down.

As disappointed as I was in the investigation, the motive for the murder was also a bit flimsy. It's possible that a college student like Dell would kill the owner of a company that stole his idea and was going to make millions off of it, but it just seemed to come out of nowhere. 

The trap Gibbs put into motion to trap Dell was nice end to the case. The kid was definitely going to need money and it fed into his ego and desire for recognition for the product that he created. Too bad he won't be able to spend the money.

Two Gibbs, Two Leroys

While investigating the case, Tony saw a Congressional Medal of Honor at the pawn shop and questioned the owner about it. Since she couldn't legally buy it, she lent the owner $3,000 for it to help him out. 

The owner was Gibbs' "Namesake" Leroy Jethro Moore. I'm surprised that Gibbs never ran into Moore over all those years of being in the military and living so close to each other. But they hadn't seen each other since Gibbs was in high school.

This reunion was touching for Gibbs, his father and Moore. After so many years apart, the truth came out and they were able to put it aside and move on. Moore is no longer all alone without family and perhaps Jackson Gibbs won't be alone in Stillwater any longer either.

This was a nice tribute to the Montford Point Marines, who were awarded the Congressional Gold Medal on June 27, 2012.


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and yes, Abby's character needs to grow up and do it now -- drop the pigtails and the act it is getting old very fast. Tony and Ziva, hook em up and then spin them off! Think of a great series of these two under cover, ala Mission Impossible, Avengers.. stellar.. Gibbs retire and let Borin handle the team with McGee as senior..Oh it hurts to say it..I have said this for years.. allow this actors to move on at the height of their careers!! I love this show and realize the 'fanatics' will come a gunning.. But I had my fill of Kate, we sure do not need a repeat in Ziva now! The writing is slipping or the acting is bored.. either way.. as someone who, like you all have each episode memorized and loved.. we deserve and they better.


I had high hopes for this episode, as I have had for this entire season- but it seems they are all sleep walking through it! I have and will continue watching our Very special agents until the very end.. I want to 'dance at TIVA's wedding.. and celebrate -- but it is clear that our loves need to pick it up! This episode could have been much more than what it was.. I realize to some this may be 'shocking' to say but it is okay to constructively criticize the sky won't fall! HOWEVER< bravo the the max for the salute to the Montford Marines! They never fail to salute our precious military, as they should. And Abby, sweetie, time to grow up.. other than that.. let's hope this season picks up


There are pros/cons to every character/personality on this show. With this being the tenth year that they are playing these characters, it can be challenging to keep the energy and enthusiasm. However, I think they all do such a great job. There are certain little things that bug me about each of these characters though. I do like it when Tony/MW mixes is up a bit. (plays the fun/boyish character but still the capable/skilled investigator. I like Ziva acting like Ziva. (lately I feel like she has become more like Kate Todd--overly critical/always right) At times I want McGee to put Tony in his place; however, I also love how patient and flexible he can be when playing off of Tony. Gibbs is confusing me lately, though. It just seems like he goes solo a lot and fires out a lot of insults/disapproving stares.


@kit dont know where you get your info but most of the players on ncis have a twitter account only today mw wrote 3or 4 text on his twitter account i think the only ones who are not on twitter are david and mark so i think people should get there facts straight before commenting.


I enjoy watching NCIS. The episodes are exciting, interesting and humorous. A great big Thank You should be given to everyone for the respect they show the troops and veterans.
@Kit There is no obsession, only the right to correct hurtful and slanderous negativity for one character. This is seen on DiNozzo bio page and continues on round table. I definitely would do the same for any of the other characters.
I appreciate the ability and talent of Michael Weatherly as well as all the other actors and actresses that make NCIS #1. He keeps me smiling.
Thank you for reading my comments because this is a sign off in protest.


They all talk a good game about no cast member being more important than another, but the increased promotion of certain episodes, the consistently overly flattering writing of some characters, and the nearly always demeaning writing of others tells the real story.


@Carol - no offense intended...but it sounds like you bear an unhealthy OBSESSION with Tony. Twitter is simply a tool for social media. MW is not even on it that much anymore, if you've noticed. Only few actors from NCIS are on there, so it doesn't paint the whole picture. The two stars from NCIS who have the highest Q-rating (public approval) are actually Pauley & Cote -NOT Weatherly. They ALL get "mobbed" when they go overseas - ESPECIALLY MW and CdP. The media reported that Cote gets more hits on Google from people "searching her out" than ANY of the NCIS cast members. No one here is questioning any star's decision to sign a new contract, so I'm not sure what you're even referring to. The least we can ALL do is show EQUAL respect to ALL the cast members. NONE of them are more important the others. Mark will tell you that himself.


This is my favorite show for a lot of reasons but one big reason is that they do these episodes that are tributes to those who served. Not many shows do that. I always extra enjoy the show when its something like that and the picture at the end were simply amazing and beautiful. What a grate episode well written and totally good!! :)


If a star doesn't like twitter then they do not have to have a twitter. David McCallum doesn't have one and all his tweets go to Pauley Perrette. Msy I ask if Michael Weatherly does not like twitter, then why do we get at least one tweet every other day or more? As I stated before, all his current videos are on twitter so his fans can see them. How do you know this information about MW feelings on Twitter, public appearances and TV guest spots? I can't at this time even indicate how many videos, round tables and TV guest spots are on my video line. Someone who doesn't want to be in the public eye does not do guest shots or substitutes on television shows. MW has done so and extremely well. The characters on NCIS are supposed to be different to make the show more interesting. This is why NCIS is in the 10th Season. I would like to be friends with Tony.


(Continued from Previous)
- and it shows. I certainly hope Ziva is ready to deal with all of that, because she does not act as silly as he does - but she DOES understand Tony - and vice versa - and that's very important. I think if the writers play this correctly, they definitely WILL be great for each other, and make each other better people. That is always the key. Abby is the other one I worry about a lot. She's far too old (41) to still be wearing inappropriate "Playtime" clothes to a PROFESSIONAL workplace and walking around w/ stuffed animals that fart & occasionally whining. ENOUGH Already!!! No wonder McGee doesn't want to deal with that; I can't say I blame him. Abby really needs to grow up, or her character will really suffer being trapped in a typecast rutt.

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