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I agree the case didn't really work for them and I wish they would go back to the terrorist and other cases they usually do. I liked the episode because it was funny and the characters were great this episode as usual. Can't wait till the next episode.


I thought the episode was okay, but it was played too black and white between the two candidates. If the scum bag was known as such, I find it hard to believe he'd have a chance to run again (Nothing in the dialogue suggests it was secret knowledge).

Might also be that I'm sick of all this debate talk and mudslinging, especially since it interfered with both NCIS shows last week. I agree with Hetty that you should politics and I wouldn't mind a Tenez in the real world, but keep our of my favorite shows.

One last note: Very good keeping this episode timeless by not referring to either Romney or Obama when the Presidential debate came up. I know that the Presidents are usually referenced several times, but 90% of the time I think both NCIS shows and JAG refrained from actually naming the president which I think will keep all three more accessible in the following years. Yeah, there are enough references so viewers would have an idea (like the first NCIS episode having Bush or a later one having a guest character pictured with Obama), but I think the show's doing good to try and limiting topical references.


definitely a case of trying to hard to make a story fit with "current events"...but I'll cut the team some slack because I'm totally with the recapper about the team moments being so great, esp the guys reacting to hetty's stationary bike heartrate being 32 & the freaks geeks & deeks line, how have they saved that line for 4 years? that was great!


I was irked a lot by this episode - the heroic, wholesome underdog candidate versus the sexist pig incumbent with no discernible redeeming qualities whatsoever. Naturally, at the end, the courageous underdog has made a huge boost in the polls to the point where she is equal to the scumbag incumbent. Surely, SURELY, the writers could have come up with something a *little* more creative than a David-and-Goliath ripoff. It was annoyingly predictable and totally stale. Worse, the actual conspiracy made no sense, either - are we supposed to believe that this woman suddenly jumped from campaign contribution theft to cold-blooded murder? How much time the the writers spend on this episode, anyway?


I watch this show to see Hetty and Deeks, in that order. I liked this episode, but I agree, the story was weak.

It was telling that Kenzie was thinking of Deaks whilst in her morning shower, though.

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