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Was I the only one that could hear the director comments like "and then her eyes narrowed" and "Rayba drives by" and "in the hallway of the record company". I figured there would be lots of negative comment about that cause it was extremely annoying !!! But i see no comments anywhere. So was I the only one who could hear that?


The part that got cut off in my previous comment - I've read several articles and seen interviews where HP and CB talk about the training they went through to do their own singing on Nashville. They may be lip synching when taping the show, but its to their own recordings. HP even cut an album a few years ago.


I don't really find either of the Rayna and Juliette characters very likable and that is the main problem I'm having with this show. Say what you want about Juliette's nightmarish relationship with her Mother and her just knowing what she wants, she is pure trash. She will use anybody in any way she can to get what she wants. Hayden Panettiere said recently on a talk show that she found the role a real challenge because she was nothing like Juliette (thank God!). As for Rayna, all she does is complain about both her personal life and professional one. And I don't think there is any doubt that she will be cheating on her husband with Deacon within the next couple of episodes. But of course that's no biggie because the two have such wonderful chemistry (Ah,the humorous morality of TV Land - gotta love it). So it's liking watching wto villains fight it out. You don't care who wins and really you would prefer they just kill each other.

Regarding the singing, I have read several articles and seen interviews with HP and CB where they talk about going through extensive training to do all of their own singing on Nashville. They may be lip synching when they tape the show, but its to their own recordings (HP even cut an album a few years ago).


The lip synching really got in my face this episode ...and I'm guessing every Person on the show is faking it ...
Love Boothe Powers ( Tombstone etc) but I don't want this show to highlight a JERK.....in every segment ...


Loved the ending song! Rayna and Deacon have wonderful chemistry. No matter how hard Juliette tries she can't compete with their history.


Hayden Panettiere is a freaking midget.


I have been wondering if all the singing is actually done by the actors. Although it might not be that uncommon, I watched the singing closely and to me it looked like Hayden was lip syncing......it just didn't look like she was actually singing.........especially the up close in the studio song.....

As to the political stuff, it's actually just a filler arc if you ask me.

The main premise of thie show is Juliette and Rayna....and the rivalry between an up and coming star and one whose been in the business for years.

I'm in TN and the Nashville news had a story last night about a Nashville couple that's doing some of the songs we're seeing.....


I actually like Juliette more than Rayna. Rayna seems a little bit like spoiled child refuse to grow-up. A rich dad, a good-looking husband, two lovable children, a perfect career, a supportive music partner, I mean there're two many good things happen to her. Another hand, Juliette has a much darker past, she has to fight for what she wants.


I love all Hayden's songs on this show, they're very catchy. It's funny I was thinking the same thing, she could make a music career out of it. They make it sound like she needs autotune to sing, but clearly she doesn't. She's very talented and has a beautiful voice. Connie Britton too, for that matter. Both of them could sing professionally, IMO.

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