How I Met Your Mother Review: All the Above

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Barney has always loved making his mark in various ways, but asking Quinn to make hers on paper ahead of their wedding was anything but legendary.

On "The Pre-Nup we saw what may have been the final scenes shared between Barney and Quinn. The latter showed no lingering signs of resentment from Barney conveniently forgetting to tell her the truth about him and Robin, but when he gave her the option of signing the contract in either black or blue, Barney was lucky to emerge unharmed.

While there certainly were some funny stipulations in both Barney and Quinn's respective documents, the best part of the pre-I-do ballyhoo was the return of Arthur Hobbs (Bob Odenkirk). Breaking Bad fans could not help but think of Saul Goodman while Arthur spewed legal jargon, but in this case I don't think anyone minded. It's what he does and he does it ever so well. 

Barney's Pre-Nup

No stranger to getting her freak on, I liked the bit about Robin watching herself do the news during sex, but not as much as I loved seeing her in that Maple Leaf tank top. 

Klaus and his ferrets were a whole other brand of freak. While humorous at times, he soon wore out his welcome in my book as well. 

Lily and Marshall stepped up their game from last week, especially in the ghost toast scene, but are still not quite in midseason form yet. Lily calling the guys "bitches" gave me hope, though, that it's only a matter of time before they have a break out episode. 

Despite singing his praises earlier, the scene where Arthur turned into Dr. Phil and convinced the gang to really share why they were upset was the end of the episode in my book. There is always a certain about of turning a blind eye to dalliances from reality but all four couples turning that conference room into the Real World confessional was too much.

Let me just be clear, I am not talking about a trial separation or anything here. Tonight just felt a little forced to me and despite a solid effort from the great Barney Stinson and a lingerie filled pillow fight, the episode will still go down as one of the more forgettable of the series. 

We were left with a question, however, so let us know which couple you think will break up next and be sure to rate your favorite How I Met Your Mother quotes from this week. 


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Im just so happy to see Saul ;) lovely... I have the feeling like Barney and Quinn just never really talked about their problems, and then break up - just too fast and too forced. But you are right, that scene where Saul(i just keep calling him saul ;) ) said to the couples should say what they really feel was too much!


I have comlpetely lost track of this show. I have no idea who's seeing whom, or who will be seeing whom, or who has broken up with whom, and I have simply stopped caring. I don't even understand the premise. How can a man sit his kids down to tell them about their mother and then not mention her for six years?


I have comlpetely lost track of this show. I have no idea who's seeing whom, or who will be seeing whom, or who has broken up with whom, and I have simply stopped caring. I don't even understand the premise. How a man sit his kids down to tell them their mother and then not mention her for six years?


@michael Lol so you're telling me that Barney convincing Quinn to sell her apartment to move in with him, convincing her to quit being a stripper, and ultimately proposing to her, was all just to get back at Robyn for breaking his heart? Youre saying Barney NEVER loved Quinn? If that's true then Barney's an even bigger prick Than I thought.


@D Did you even watch last night it made a lot of since a 5 year old knew why Barney did what he did last night he Love Robin and he was using Quinn to get over the hurt that Robin did to him but he still love her Now he want her back so he did what he did to break up with quinn Barney does not like having his heart broken that why he does it first.

C f ohara

I'm glad I wasn't the only one to feel this way. @kay, @wizardnewt29 and @d all make valid points. Crowded is a good way of putting it. I too didn't like how Nick was all of a sudden one of the guys. Doesn't he have his own friends? It just seemed like too much a stretch in an effort to add symetry to the two groups of friends arguing which then gave way to the clean and cut resolutions between all the couples except for Barney and Quinn. I thought Barney had gotten over all the stripper issues with Quinn now all of a sudden he doesn't trust her. She moved in with him. There was definitely something missing last night. Lucky for us there is still plenty of episodes to come.


I didn't like this episode. I thought Barney was supposed to have grown as a character the past few seasons, with him wanting to settle down with someone. But with the insane prenups. He somehow reverted to the same shallow Barney that we saw when the show first started. Just doesn't make any sense.


Man I though last night rock and I think I know now who the mother is


HIMYM became the story of Neil Patrrick since he is gay .. and they forgot the main premiss of the show.


I think the episode felt weird cause it was too overcrowded. We're not used to having everyone coupled up. What was even wirder than that was the fact that newbies such as Quinn (but well, since Robin and Lily are her bridesmaids) Victoria and Nick were there as if they'd always been part of the group. Plus, I don't like Klaus, I mean, sure it was nice seeing him in Farhampton, but it should've stopped there. It feels as if he and Viktoria were the couple, that he's realized she was his lebenslangerschicksalsschatz...And the separation between the girls (+ two) and the guys (+ one) felt wrong because it lasted the whole episode.
However, there were a LOT of funny scenes such as the thing with Barney's imaginary wives scnading "Best husband ever", Robin's creepy winking at herself...

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How I Met Your Mother Season 8 Episode 2 Quotes

Lily: Marahall this morning you thought a ghost made your toast.
Marshall: I didn't put the bread in there, you didn't put the bread in there!

Lily lika lika, the honka honka.