How I Met Your Mother Review: All the Above

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Barney has always loved making his mark in various ways, but asking Quinn to make hers on paper ahead of their wedding was anything but legendary.

On "The Pre-Nup we saw what may have been the final scenes shared between Barney and Quinn. The latter showed no lingering signs of resentment from Barney conveniently forgetting to tell her the truth about him and Robin, but when he gave her the option of signing the contract in either black or blue, Barney was lucky to emerge unharmed.

While there certainly were some funny stipulations in both Barney and Quinn's respective documents, the best part of the pre-I-do ballyhoo was the return of Arthur Hobbs (Bob Odenkirk). Breaking Bad fans could not help but think of Saul Goodman while Arthur spewed legal jargon, but in this case I don't think anyone minded. It's what he does and he does it ever so well. 

Barney's Pre-Nup

No stranger to getting her freak on, I liked the bit about Robin watching herself do the news during sex, but not as much as I loved seeing her in that Maple Leaf tank top. 

Klaus and his ferrets were a whole other brand of freak. While humorous at times, he soon wore out his welcome in my book as well. 

Lily and Marshall stepped up their game from last week, especially in the ghost toast scene, but are still not quite in midseason form yet. Lily calling the guys "bitches" gave me hope, though, that it's only a matter of time before they have a break out episode. 

Despite singing his praises earlier, the scene where Arthur turned into Dr. Phil and convinced the gang to really share why they were upset was the end of the episode in my book. There is always a certain about of turning a blind eye to dalliances from reality but all four couples turning that conference room into the Real World confessional was too much.

Let me just be clear, I am not talking about a trial separation or anything here. Tonight just felt a little forced to me and despite a solid effort from the great Barney Stinson and a lingerie filled pillow fight, the episode will still go down as one of the more forgettable of the series. 

We were left with a question, however, so let us know which couple you think will break up next and be sure to rate your favorite How I Met Your Mother quotes from this week. 


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If Ted and Victoria had broken up last episode, it would have been predicable because we know that she's not the mother. Those two need to be last, that way we see what Ted gives up in order to take a risk on this other woman. If he doesn't have any stakes in his relationship with Victoria, where's the drama? Klaus wasn't funny, I know native Germans who don't speak or act like he does. The stereotype is overused and annoying. Nick is boring. Hope he goes next. Robin is too awesome for a dumb boyfriend. At least the last ones were either cool or had some interesting quirks.


I too feel like this episode wasn't the strongest but I do think that Quinn and Barney breaking up made sense. They've never dealt with the fact that Quinn manipulated Barney or that Barney has serious issues remaining faithful, which are two deal breakers. I wasn't expecting it to happen so fast but the conclusion, if not the lead up, was realistic in my mind. They don't trust each other. Great acting on that final scene between those two. There are plenty of couples who jump on the wedding wagon without really thinking about it. I had a similar thing happen with my last boyfriend. Sometimes you just snap back to reality. I do like that Barney didn't cheat on Quinn with Robin, that would have ruined the season because I wouldn't have been able to get behind them as a couple.


I think Ted and Victoria will break up next but never know since if Robin becomes single then Barney and Robin storyline can start.
I agree with the general comments that it was a dissapointing episode. Still I enjoyed Bob Odenkirk's cameo.
Hopefully we'll get some more hints in the upcoming episodes about the mother.


Well, I do have to say that I wanted for Barney and Quinn to have a more dramatic break-up. It just didn't seem too real, but nevertheless, we are getting closer and closer to seeing the Barney and Robin wedding ... yay!!


I think you all are forgetting that the whole gang had been hanging out the ENTIRE summer so it stands to reason they were forced to hang out together. We're looking at it as if the season 7 finale was just 3 weeks ago or something. I liked the episode a little. I always get happy when I see Barney and Robin together but the break up was way too fast for me. For Barney to get engaged to a girl is a big deal and I think it should be a bigger deal to break up. Out of the couples, the most logical breakup would have been that of Nick and Robin. Their relationship did not seem as strong as the other ones considering that the other 2 couples have had to go through so many obstacles already.


the ringtone for Arthur's ex-wife was amazing. @chris and co: dont forget they were together for months. So of course they would be in the gang - its months or weeks later


I see we are all on the same page : I thought this episode was disappointing... first, it was not that funny... second, there was a lot of blah blah for nothing. I will miss Quinn though, I liked her and I thought she was perfect for Barney. Of course I love both Barney and Robin, but i never thought they were made for each other... It actually felt like suddenly the writers had to find a way to get rid of Quinn... it didn't feel natural in the story.


I'm glad I wasn't alone in being disappointed in this episode. The premise - a three-foot high prenup with ludicrous demands - was too preposterous to have a whole episode based on it. And if Ted breaks up with Victoria - it's just going to wear my patience thin. I enjoy watching the gang, but the writers really need to step it up.


I really didn't like this episode. It just wasn't funny. Like at all. Except maybe for the brief two seconds of the ringtone for Arthur's ex-wife, that was classic HIMYM, but everything else sucked. Barney's pre-nup was a total joke. I get that he could do such a thing but there was no comedy in that, at that moment I had that bad feeling that I am watching a bad parody of HIMYM. Not the real thing.


Tired and lacklustre.

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Lily: Marahall this morning you thought a ghost made your toast.
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Lily lika lika, the honka honka.